Impotency or sexual weakness is a nervous problem. Reading vulgar books, watching X-rated films, masturbation due to sexual thoughts and lust, frequent illness during childhood, improper physical growth, obesity, addiction to drugs or alcohol, insomnia or improper sleeping habits lead to nervous problems.

This affects the digestion process and the food does not have full affect on the body. The nerves strengthening the genitals become weak, which makes the person a victim of impotency. The best treatment for this problem is self-control, participating in Satsang or mass prayers, having positive and pure thoughts, practicing Yoga and meditation. These methods strengthen the nerves.

Yogic cure

Regular practice of yogasana improves digestion and overcomes nervous weakness.

Janushirasana should be practiced regularly; it strengthens the spinal muscles and contracts the stomach muscles. It helps in upward movement of pranas towards sushmana. It increases digestive fire and cures seminal problems and thereby sexual weakness. This asana is also useful for increasing height.

Paschimottasana should be practiced regularly. It gives all the benefits of Janushirasana.

Yogamudrasana should be practiced to improve the stomach condition and increase appetite. It improves digestion, and overcomes problems like gastric trouble, indigestion and constipation. It activates the pancreas and controls diabetes. This asana is especially beneficial for patients suffering from impotency.

Gorakshasana is complimentary for leading a celibate life. It helps in proper blood circulation in the muscles and keeps them healthy. It also helps in performing Moolbandha and hence beneficial in maintaining celibacy. It overcomes the playful tendency of sensory organs and helps in achieving mental peace. Patients of impotency can reap lot of benefits with the regular practice of this asana.

Ardhamatysendrasana should be practiced to overcome backache and control diabetes. It helps in proper blood circulation in the nerves and veins of spine; it cures stomach problems and strengthens the intestines.

Suptavajrasana contracts the lower abdomen; it activates the large intestine and hence overcomes constipation. It also prevents imbalance of navel, and is beneficial for the kidneys. It is extremely beneficial for overcoming impotency.

Halasana makes the spine flexible and healthy, it develops the back muscles. It activates the thyroid gland and overcomes overweight, stunted growth and other weaknesses. It is beneficial in case of indigestion, low digestive fire, gastric trouble, constipation, heart problem, liver enlargement etc. It activates the pancreas and controls sugar level. This asana is beneficial in curing painful menstruation and other gynecological problems.

It is necessary to practice these asana regularly in order to gain expertise. They cannot be mastered in a day or two. As the practice increases, capacity also increases. It is advisable to learn the correct method from a Yoga teacher so that they can be practiced successfully later on.


Control of breath or rhythmic breathing technique is known as pranayam. Regular practice of pranayam is necessary to overcome this problem.

Kapalbhati pranayam cures all physical diseases like stomach problems. It makes the body disease free and overcomes impotency.

Bhastrika pranayam maintains the equilibrium of all doshas. It purifies the blood and evacuates the toxic elements from the body. It overcomes cold, catarrh, allergy, respiratory problems, asthma, chronic catarrh, sinusitis and phlegmatic complaints. It strengthens the lungs and purifies air present in heart and brain. This pranayam cures thyroid and other throat problems like tonsils etc.

Agnisar kriya and uddiyan bandha are also beneficial in overcoming this problem. Kunjal should be practiced twice a week along with daily practice of Neti.

Nature therapy Take hot fomentation for ten minutes then keep a mud bandage on stomach for one hour and take hip bath for 20 minutes (Kati snan). If the facility for taking hip bath is not available then keep a cold bandage on stomach and cover it with hot bandage. Sun bath during winter season and body massage with oil is extremely beneficial. Rub the body with lukewarm water and then take bath. These methods improve digestion and strengthen the nerves. Besides, avoid indulgence in sex and reading or watching pornographic books and films. It is necessary to have pious thoughts and behaviour to get rid of this problem.

Diet Take fruits and fruit juices for the first three days. Then take milk and fruits for one and half month. Drink one to three liters of milk. You can also substitute milk with curd and cottage cheese. Take carrot, semolina kheer and coarse meal cooked in milk in between. Soak eight to ten almonds, 25 raisins and seven to eight dry dates and take it in breakfast. Eat salad, curd, vegetable and chapatti for lunch, take vegetable soup in dinner. Eat fruits and milk depending on hunger. Follow this diet for around one year. Do not indulge in any type of sexual act, masturbation or intercourse during this treatment. Be cheerful and have good company.

Medical cure:

Take three gram Ajowan with ten ml white onion juice with ten gram sugar thrice daily. This medicine gives complete benefit within 21 days. It overcomes impotency, early ejaculation, seminal problem etc. Take 10 gm walnut kernel with 10 gm dry raisins everyday for relief. Take linseed with black pepper and honey to thicken semen and increase sexual power.Sieve Aswagandha powder with cloth and take it with equal quantity of unrefined sugar. Take spoonful with fresh cow milk three hours before meals.

Grind equal quantities of Aswagandha, cardamom, bitter Kooth and sieve the powder, take five to 10 gm with butter made with cow milk and massage the penis twice daily. Wash it with hot water before and after the massage.

Take five gram linseed churna with sugar and milk to increase sexual potency.

Dry acacia buds in shade and grind them, add equal quantity of sugar and take spoonful with water twice daily to thicken semen and increase sexual power.

Dry the banyan fruits on a cloth, (make sure that the iron does not touch them), make a fine powder and add sugar candy powder. Take six gram with lukewarm milk in the morning. This medicine thickens semen, prevents early ejaculation and increases potency. The patient becomes capable of reproduction.

Massage the penis with jasmine fruit and leaf oil or jasmine root to improve sexual power.

Grind 15 thorn apples along with the seeds and make a fine paste. Mix it with 20 kilo milk and set curds. Churn the curd and extract the clarified butter the next day. Keep 125 mg of this clarified butter in betel leaf and eat to increase potency, massage the penis with this to strengthen it and help in erection.

Grind white grass and make a powder, take two to five gm churna with two gram sugar to increase sexual potency.

Take one small gourd, take 15 gm, add six almonds and grind it with water. Add sugar candy and drink daily to overcome heat and seminal problem. It increases potency and sexual power.

Take small cardamom seed churna with two to three gram of white moosali and sugar candy twice daily to overcome impotency.

Boil 10 gm gokharu and 10 gm shatavar with 250 gm milk and drink to increase sexual potency.

Keep ground fresh Gorakhmundi root in brass vessel, add four times black sesame oil and 16 times water. Cook it till only the oil remains, sieve and massage the penis with this oil. Pour 10-20 drops on a betel leaf and eat twice or thrice to overcome impotency.

Soak 10 gm tamarind seeds in water for four days, peel on the fifth day and add two parts of jaggery, make gram sized pills and store. Take two pills at bedtime to overcome early ejaculation.