Burning sensation in urine is a disease of the urinary system. The patient complains of unbearable pain and expresses the urge to urinate frequently.


Enlargement of the prostrate gland, narrowness in the urinary path, different types of vata diseases, paralysis, impotency, cold, stone or injury, gonorrhea, spread of the infection in kidneys, intestines or rectum.

Besides, in women it can occur due to white discharge or infection in uterus.


The common symptoms are pain in urinary bladder, frequent urination, painful discharge of urine, stiffness, burning sensation, heaviness, shivering due to cold, bleeding in urine, pain reduces when it becomes chronic, and pus is excreted along with urine.

Yogic cure

Surya Namaskar should be practiced in order to get rid of this problem. Practice it twice daily. Surya Namaskar is a complete exercise and strengthens the whole body. It strengthens all the internal and external organs and keeps them healthy.

Ardhamatysendrasana should be practiced to maintain good health and activate all the body organs. It controls diabetes, and overcomes the diseases of the urinary system. Besides it is beneficial in case of backache, stomach disorders, and strengthens the intestines, helps in proper blood circulation in back and spinal region.

Ushtrasana is also beneficial in case of urinary disorders, lung disorders, asthma, cervical, sciatica and spinal problems. Regular practice of Gomukhasana, Dhanurasana, Makarasana, Sarvangasana and Matsyasana improves the health of stomach and urinary system. You can add other asanas afterwards.

Pranayam has a positive effect on the urinary system. Practice Kapalbhati, Nadi shodhan and Agnisar kriya along with uddiyan bandh. Ashvini Mudra is also beneficial to overcome all the diseases of urinary system and maintain the health of lower area.

Nature cure

Keep a wet bandage of black mud on stomach for relief.

Practice Kunjal twice a week and Jalneti once daily. This will activate the lungs and reduce the pressure on kidneys. It gives relief to the kidneys.

Diet and regimen

Vegetable juice, fruit juice and coconut water are beneficial. Eat boiled gourd and torai with chapatti for one week.

Store water in a bronze container and drink it in the morning with lemon juice. Drink two to two and half-liter water daily. Take it once or twice with lemon juice. Take light meals at night; include salad, vegetables and whole-wheat flour chapattis. Steam cooked sprouts are also beneficial. Eat home made cheese or milk. Avoid fried and oily things.

Mix 300 gm milk in 700 gm water, mix two gram roasted alum powder and drink it three to four times daily for proper urination. Grind green coriander and dilute it in water. Drink it several times during the day for proper urination.

In case of excess urination, eat roasted gram with jaggery, chapattis made with fenugreek vegetable or fenugreek gram flour chapattis. Alternately eat sweet balls made with jaggery and sesame to control excess urination.

Avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food. They are enemies of kidneys. Reduce salt intake as this also increases burning sensation in urine.


Grind dry coriander and separate the peels, take 300 gm seed kernel and add equal quantity of sugar candy (you can extract 300 gm kernel from 450 gm coriander). Grind both separately and mix together. Take six gram twice daily with stale water and do not eat or drink anything for one or two hours. Take it on empty stomach in the morning and with stale water at night. Take six-gram medicine at 4 p.m with stale water. Take dinner after two hours of taking this medicine. This remedy reduces burning sensation in urine. Take it for three to 21 days depending on need. It is also an effective medicine to control excessive ejaculation.

The above medicine can be taken in the following way also:

Soak ten-gram coriander in water overnight. Grind it with milk in the morning and add sugar candy. Take it two to four times daily to overcome burning sensation in urine.

Grind onion and mix it in curd, eat it regularly for a few days to reduce burning sensation in urine.

In case of burning sensation in urine at the time of passing urine, chew four to five basil leaves in the morning on empty stomach and drink water by gulps. It gives relief within four to five days.

Grind ten wood apple leaves in 250 gm water and drink three to four times daily.

Place a wet towel on the stomach and sleep for 15 to 20 minutes to relieve burning sensation in urine or obstructed urination.

Grind two small cardamoms and drink milk over it for proper urination. It also relieves burning sensation in urine.

Sugar cane juice, barley water, kulthi water and coconut water help in proper urination.

Take diluted curd with a little bit of green coriander for relief. It helps in clear urination and overcomes burning sensation.

Mix two-gram cumin seeds and two-gram sugar candy and take it with water for proper urination and overcome burning sensation. Take three doses daily.

Take 60-gram radish and radish leaves juice for relief.

Mix 25 to 50 gm castor oil in hot water and drink for clear urination within 15 to 20 minutes. Eat fenugreek vegetable daily to control excess urination or obstructed urination. It also controls arthritis and take it once or twice daily.

In case of frequent urination or burning sensation in urine, eat two ripe bananas after lunch for relief.

Add 25 gm jaggery in 20 gm poppy seeds and take three gram twice daily.

Take one-gram powder of ritha seed twice daily for relief.

Mix 40 gm black sesame and 20 gm Ajowan, grind it nicely, add 60 gm jaggery and make a fine powder. Take six gram twice daily for relief.

Soak 10 gm Adoosa leaves in 100 gm water, sieve and drink the water in the morning.

Chop cucumber and add sugar. Take it to control urinary problem.

Soak ten gram each of coriander, myrobalan, white sandal, and sugar candy and soak in water at night. Sieve and drink in the morning.

Carrot juice is beneficial in case of painful urination.

Soak a few cholai leaves in hot water, crush them nicely and drink one cup. Cut round gourd into small pieces and take it regularly for 15 days to relieve burning sensation at the time of urination.