We need some information and knowledge to work. It is also possible to obtain the required information and knowledge but we would not be able to do the work if they are not available on time or we do not remember them when required. Therefore, we can say that good memory is necessary for our day to day life and if a person wants to progress in his or her life then it is also necessary to improve the memory. From this view it can be said that there is a close relationship between progress and memory.

Our Objective:

To experience the necessity for good memory, benefits of good memory, reasons for poor memory and tips to improve it.


Definition of Memory:

The strength to remember the old acquired knowledge and information when necessary in order to complete some work is known as memory power.

Types of Memory:

Short-term memory: The person remembers things for a few minutes or hours and then forgets.
Long-term memory: The person remembers things for several years due to repetition.

Reasons for Poor Memory:

  • Lack of interest
  • Preoccupied state of mind
  • Excess of kapha and faecal matter in the body.
  • Sleepiness and lethargy.
  • Sitting in wrong posture.
  • Negative approach – I can’t remember things.
  • Not repeating the memorized information or subjects.
  • Hereditary
  • Ego, anger, fear, worry, tension and anxiety
  • Some mental problem
  • Malnutrition

Tips to Improve Memory Power:

  • Increasing interest and awareness
  • Positive approach – I have a good memory
  • Controlling negative conditions like ego, fear and other psychological tendencies.
  • Repeating things frequently.~ Controlling the kapha in the body, clearing stomach, practicing Jalneti.
  • Sitting in correct posture, keeping the spine absolutely straight.
  • Practice of Gyanmudra, Mahaprana dhwani, bhavana, chanting mantras etc.
  • Practicing asana like Yogmudrasana, Sarvangasana, Shashakasana, Padhastasana.
  • Taking medicines and nutritious diet to improve memory.
  • Practicing meditation and Shavasana.
  • Trying to memorize things repeatedly.

A person with very poor memory can lose his or her mental balance also, he or she leads a life like a dead person. Every person has normal memory and works with its help. Sharp memory is essential to succeed in life. Nature has gifted us with the power of remembering things but it is dormant. It can be improved with regular practice of Yoga and meditation.