Both men and women can suffer from night blindness. Deficiency of vitamin A affects the eyesight. Poor or very weak eyesight since childhood causes lot of problems to the patient. Excessive deficiency of this vitamin leads to night blindness. It also happens due to exposure to smoke, dust, light, bright sunlight etc. for long time.

The patient is unable to see during nighttime or after sunset. He or she can easily see during daylight. The vision is almost zero at night.

Treatment: The patient should avoid exposure to smoke, fumes, and bright light, reading text with small letters and should use sunglasses during daytime.

Crush green coriander leaves on palm and pour the drops in the eyes. at nutritious food, cholai vegetables without salt or red pepper. It gives relief within three to four days. Pour a few drops of cow dung liquid in eyes three to four times daily to overcome this problem.

Pour a few drops of pure honey in the eyes.

Take two spoons of Triphala powder at bedtime.

Pour basil juice in eyes. Drink four spoons of bathua leafjuice and pour a few drops in eyes. This is an effective cure for night blindness.

Take four dry dates with black pepper daily.

Take vinegar and honey twice daily.

Soak Harad in water at night, sieve the water the next morning and rinse the eyes.

Grind Doob grass and pour the water in the eyes.

Dry Apamarg root in shade and take five-gram churna with water at bedtime to get relief within four to five days.

Mix one-gram rock salt in 8 grams myrobalan juice, grind nicely, mix with honey and apply in eyes for relief.

Mix three gram each of Moolethi, Ashvagandha churna and eight grams of harad juice and take daily for relief.

Mix equal quantities of harad and sugar candy powder and take ten gram with water for relief. Drink 200 gm carrot juice daily to become strong and relieve night blindness.

Eat ripe mango twice daily or drink its juice for vitamin A. Eat 200 gm tomato daily to overcome this problem.

Yogic cure: First and foremost improve your digestion process because stomachdisorder is the root cause for all the problems.

Let us learn about a few natural processes to keep the eyes healthy and disease free.

Practice Jalneti and sutraneti everyday. Do Kunjal kriya twice or thrice a week. Go for morning and evening walks. This should be the daily routine.

Regular practice of yogasana keeps the eyes healthy, activate the lungs and chest, it is beneficial for spinal diseases, thyroid, and has good impact on the whole body.

Regular practice of Shirshasana, Ardhamatysendrasana, Dhanurasana, Hastapodottanasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, etc. Can overcome all the problems of the body along with stomach disorders, which has a good affect on the eye. Problems like night blindness etc. get cured automatically.

Yogasana increase the disease fighting capacity of the body, regular practice is necessary in today’s polluted atmosphere to keep the eyes, brain and body healthy. Kapalbhati and murcha pranayam are also important along with it. Practice of murcha pranayam is beneficial in case of headache, migraine, Parkinson’s, nervous weakness etc. It improves eyesight and memory power. Regular practice of these two pranayam cure night blindness permanently andalso improves the eyesight. Pranayam gives the strength to fight out diseases.

Exercise for the eyes Rotate the pupils of the eye updown, right-left, and in circular motion ten times each. Besides shutting the eyelids at fast pace is also a good exercise.

Make a bowl like shape with the palms and place the eyes over it. It will appear dark. Bend the neck downward and move right and left from waist. Repeat it twice or thrice. Open the eyes slowly. Our eyes are like camera. The picture is clear only when there is darkness in the camera. Similarly, when the eyes are in darkness the eyesight is clear. It prevents the use of spectacles, improves eyesight and overcomes blurred vision.

Massage is also a good remedyto keep the eyes healthy, massage on all four sides of the eyes with the fingers and make sure that pressure is not exerted on the eyes. Wash the eyes with cold water and place a cold bandage. Do it twice or thrice daily. This is beneficial for all the eye diseases.

Take sufficient amount of vitamin A, and the food should be light and easily digestible. The patient of night blindness should eat 50 percent raw food like fruits, vegetables, juices and salad and 50 percent light and cooked food.

Try to prevent cold and catarrh. If it occurs by any chance then do not take allopathic medicines to suppress it. Cold gets cured within three to four days automatically. But, today people are habituated to take medicines. Suppressing cold has negative effect on the eyes. Instead a simple home remedy can be followedto treat it. Dry around 10 or 11 basil leaves in shade, take twogram ginger or half gram dry ginger powder, half gram and a few black pepper. Boil all these ingredients in 200 gm boiling water for around two minutes. Remove from flame and cover it with lid for two minutes. Sieve after two minutes and mix 100 gm milk and one or two spoons of sugar candy. Drink hot and sleep for around five to ten minutes.

Rinse the eyes with salted water or Triphala water, or sprinkle this water on eyes.

Blink the eyes while watching television or reading.

Neck exercises are also helpful in keeping the eyes healthy. Pour a few drops of oil in ears, clarified butter in nostrils and honey in eyes to keep them healthy and prevent any disease.