It is unfortunate to note that India is the biggest market for everything related to illegal trade in medical field, be it counterfeit drugs and medicines, fraudulent doctors, illegal pathological centers and the list could go on. It is even more surprising to note that the medicines prohibited for the use of animals are also consumed in our domestic market. The health ministry is also aware of the medicines being distributed in our country in the name of medicines.

Our neighbouring country Pakistan has passed legislation with reference to illegal organ transplant and trade in September 2007 and made a provision for ten years imprisonment and a fine of Rs.10 lakh. But, when we look at our country, we come across incidences like kidney transplant racket, organ trade etc. The recent incidence of Gurgaon has provided sufficient evidences to show that this fraud is taking place for the past several years with its network spread across Harayana, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. This is the most disgraceful in ident for the whole medical fraternity. The doctors involved in this illegal activity used to lure poor labourers and remove their kidneysto be sold at very high prices outside India.

Probably we need to take the help of Interpol for tracking the foreign network of this kidney trade. After this outburst, Union Health minister Dr. Ambumani Ramdoss has declared that the government would amend organ transplant act and make more strict provisions related to punishment of people involved in such crime. He also made it clear that the amendment would be two sided and more transparent.

The health scenario in India is very horrifying and fearful. Nobody can say that India would not be a nation where several thousands of people would die due to lack of medical facilities and proper medicines in the coming years. The reasons being that the poor people are dying everyday due to deficiency of medical care. Increasing negligence on the part of doctors, lack of empathy towards poor and weaker sections, tendency to trap the patients with greed for more income, mismanagement in government hospitals, corruption are some of the reasons for increasing number of private hospitals but they are also no better. All you need is money to get good medical facilities. The patients require sympathy, kindness, proper care and good knowledge on part of the doctor. Sympathy, moral values and ethics are more important when compared to other figures related to medical field. The element that associates specialists and expert medical practitioners lies in these feelings. Great figures are alone not important, which is generally taken note of.

Revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj is involved in making the entire mankind disease free under his mission of ‘Healthy India and Healthy World.’ We have a mission of extending the basic mantra of Yoga to each and every person through the medium of Patanjali Yogpeeth under the guidance of Swami ji. Everybody can lead a healthy life by adopting Yoga and pranayam thereby reducing the cost involved in health services and utilize the same for other useful purposes.

This will make the nation strong and also materialize the dream of Swami Ji.