Everybody is aware of the fact that our health and longevity depends upon the food we eat. Today many scientists are carrying researches and have come to the conclusion that if non-vegetarian is consumed it leads to dangerous diseases like cancer etc.

Our eating habits and activities start from hand and mouth. Man does not have paws by which he can walk fast, whereas flesh-eating animals have big paws. Man can only bend his thumb and touch the other fingers. Hands are used more for eating fruits and vegetarian items. If we have to talk about teeth we can say that our teeth are organized in such a way that we can chew fruits and vegetables comfortably.

The animals that consume small trees, plants and leaves perspire through their skin. Flesh eating animals take the help of their tongue for all their chores, because their skin doesn’t have pores. In the same way man also perspires through skin because they are made for vegetarian food only.

Now we shall see the structure of stomach and intestines.

The meat requires liquid substance like hydrochlo-ric acid in the stomach for proper digestion of food.

Our stomach is made up in such a way that when compared to flesh eating animals it is capable of making only 1/20th part of the acid. The intestines of human beings, vegetarians and non-vegetarians are clearly noted. After digestion nutrients in the food enter into the blood. One piece of meat entering our blood stream makes it poisonous. That is why we should not consume meat. Meat eater’s intestine is thrice the size of their body where as human beings intestine is 12 times the size of their body. That is the reason why the meat remains in the intestines for a long time and leaves the poisonous material and also affects the kidneys. Kidneys are the main organs in the body, which throw the faecal matter out of blood but when the body consumes meat it has to take the poisonous materials for longer duration. People who take meat rarely, in their case the kidneys have to function thrice its capacity compared to the people who take vegetarian food. The bad affect of the meat influences the other important organs of the body, which leads to other type of diseases.