Gandhiji said – “I think chewing tobacco is inhuman, injurious and bad. Till now I do not understand why people love smoking. Liquor, hemp, tobacco are also equally bad. A person who wants to be free of diseases should not consume tobacco in any form”.

Expert’s say that smoking one cigarette or bidi reduces life by one minute. By smoking cigarette or bidi, within 20 minutes dangerous toxicants like ‘tar’ and ‘nicotine’ mix up in the blood.

People suffer from diseases related to lungs, especially cancer due to consumption of tobacco. In India many people die of lung diseases. People who smoke either get mouth cancer or throat cancer. People fail in getting oxygen and their blood becomes impure.

Smoking and chewing tobacco in any form leads to heart attack, stomach diseases, blindness and infertility.

According to W.H.O. 700 million children, 50% of the world’s population of children inhale this polluted air. In passive smokers we find more amount of nicotine and Carboxy hemoglobin, because the atmosphere is polluted due to this smoke. If a woman smokes during pregnancy the child will also be affected. The weight of the child will be low, the woman might abort or the child may be handicapped and sometimes the woman could give birth to a dead child also.

Every year 31st May is celebrated as World Tobacco Eradication Day but nobody follows it. Respected Swami Ramdev Maharaj prohibits pan masala, tobacco, gutka, and smoking because they lead to many dangerous diseases. Swami Ji dreams of healthy India and disease free world. Please stop yourself from consuming tobacco and be a member of this healthy family in order to express our gratitude towards his noble mission.