Conceiving has become difficult for women these days. A woman has to be healthy, maintain her health, take balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals, salts that purifies the blood and keeps the woman strong and fit for pregnancy. It is advisable to start practice of Yog four months prior to conception so that she is capable of giving birth to a healthy child.

Necessary precautions prior for pregnancy: The woman should not have constipation. She should keep her nose clean by doing ‘Neti kriya, practice Bhastrika pranayam, Kapalbhati, Shitali, Nadi shodhan, Agnisar kriya everyday. Do hot and cold fomentation on stomach followed by two minutes of cold fomentation. Later keep hot bandage on cold bandage for one hour.

The woman should take bath and must go for evening walk. Practice regularly kamar Chakrasana, Paschimottasana, Yog Mudra, Suptavajrasana, Shalabhasana, Dhanurasana, Hastpadotasana, Pavanmuktasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Matsyasana and Shavasana.

After conception: After conception, yogasanas can be practiced till 3 – 3 1/2 months. The other yogasanas, which can be practiced, are – Paschimottasana, Ardhamatysendrasana, Vajrasana, Suptavajrasana, Hastpadotasana, Makarasana, and Halasana. Food habits : Before pregnancy and after conception it is essential to eat healthy food.

The digestion process should be proper. From the time of conception to one week she should take hot water with lemon and honey, raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber, bottle gourd, spinach, round gourd juice, fruit juice, fruits, raisins, drumsticks (soaked) and vegetable soup.

After conception the balanced diet should contain – calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and vitamin A, D and E. During pregnancy the woman should not consume in excess but she should be aware that whatever she eats should contain vitamins, minerals and salts.

During the initial stage till 4-5 months where there are chances for abortion she should put cold bandage regularly on the stomach. The woman should not do any heavy work but she should get regular massage of hands and legs.Pregnant woman should always be happy and must not strain herself. She should not walk fast, lift heavy weights, stand for long time, climbing up or down the stairs, jump, should not do cycling, dancing or swimming. She should continue to do light works of daily routine.

Natural ways of conception : Take 10gms of fresh root powder of pipal. Boil it in 500ml of milk till it reduces to 200 ml., remove from flame and sieve. Add sugar and honey and eat on the 5th or 6th day of the menstrual cycle. This medicine is beneficial for getting pregnancy.

Woman with normal health should eat shatavar churna mixed in ghee and milk in order to overcome all the disorders of uterus.

Fine paste of one to two grams of white swallowwort should be added in 250 gm. of cow milk and consumed and consume cold things. This opens the blocked fallopian tubes and nerves. This makes the woman feel comfortable during menses and removes tumours from uterus, if any.

Take 1 ½ gm of root powder of Ulat kambal, three betel leaves, three black pepper seeds, grind with fresh water and take for seven days before the menstrual cycle. Make sure that the stomach is cleared in the morning.

For normal delivery : Childbirth is said to be the second birth for a woman, and a number of women suffer from severe problems during delivery. For normal delivery, boil 50 gm green and dry myrobalan in 200 ml. water till it reduces to 80ml., remove from flame and add honey. Give this medicine to the woman immediately after labour at regular intervals.

The woman suffering from severe labour pain during delivery should take 500 to 600 mg of Sanapath skin with equal quantity of dry ginger powder and jaggery four to five days prior to delivery. Make three balls of equal measurement. They should be consumed in the morning, afternoon and evening along with dashmul quath. The pain vanishes immediately along with weakness and other problems if taken for 10-15 days regularly. For normal and painless delivery woman should take 10gms of chitrak root powder with two spoons of honey.

Pregnant woman should take castor oil every fortnight after the fifth month of pregnancy. During delivery if the women is made to drink castor oil with tea or milk then she will have a quick delivery. To reduce the pain during delivery give 10gms of carrot seeds with 100gms of carrot leaves quath. A woman will conceive if wood apple leaves are grinded with Indrayan root and 10-20 gm is given morning and evening regularly.

The stomach will come to normal size if Indrayan root is grinded and the paste is applied on the pregnant woman’s stomach.

Mix punarnava root in oil and apply in the vagina this will help in comfortable delivery.

Comfortable delivery is possible if bach is grinded in water and mixed with castor oil and applied on the navel. 20-30 gm of bach quath should be consumed twice daily in order to remove the weakness after delivery.

For fair and beautiful child : Starting from first month till 8th month the pregnant woman should take two oranges daily in the afternoon.

From the time of conception to four months of pregnancy the woman should consume one gm of original Vanshlochan churna in the night everyday. The result will be a fair, beautiful and healthy child. The mother will also be healthy and prevent abortion. Along with Vanshlochan if she consumes grated coconut powder with sugar candy the child will be fair, beautiful and healthy and the pregnant woman will not have weakness. In nine months duration she should take aniseeds to give birth to a child with fair complexion.

Pregnant woman should take 60gms of fresh grapes juice twice daily. The woman will be protected from faints, giddiness, toothache, spasm, swelling, belches and constipation.

She should take myrobalan marmalade daily to give birth to fair and healthy child and also maintain good health.

Prevention of abortion: After conceiving the pregnant woman should take one tablet of asafotida. This should be given especially in the month where there are chances of miscarriage. If the month is uncertain then give her till the delivery period. Make tablets weighing five gm. each. To make the tablet tasty add rock salt. The woman with pitta nature should not consume it.