I am an employee of central jail. Around 200 prisoners have benefited from your yoga and pranayam. Today, several prisoners are gaining from yoga, devotion and pranayam. I need your blessings for their bright future and progress. Many prisoners have developed good thoughts and feelings within themselves. They have also understood that yoga and pranayam can make their lives successful and fruitful. I pay regards to you on behalf of all the prisoners.

Respected Swami ji!

I am Rammurthy Pradhan and belong to Pathankot. I was suffering with diabetes for the last twenty years and was unable to sleep properly. I have also suffered a heart attack. I am happy to say that the disease is now fully under control with the help of your yoga program and pranayam. Now, I am completely healthy. I am grateful to you and unable to express my feelings in plain words. I never believed that yoga and pranayam can work so miraculously. Now. I do not require any medicine. I wish all the citizens of the country should get the benefit of yoga and pranayam.

Respected Swami ji, Namaste!

I am Shyamala from Ghaziabad. I was a patient of high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis and many other diseases, I was fed up of eating medicines and started watching your program on yoga and pranayam. I was able to control these diseases within 45 days and have stopped taking all the medicines, Afterwards, I regulated the food habits and now I completely healthy and fit.

Respected Swami ji, Namaste!

My name is Kamal Kumar and I belong to Revadi, I was suffering with the diseases of the intestine and fits for the last eight years. Once somebody told me about yoga devotion.Then I purchased some medicines from your ashram and also learnt all types of pranayam, I was completely cured within three months, now I do not get the attacks of fits and the disease, of the intestine has also cured. I have stopped taking all the medicines and am completely healthy, I wish that your yoga camps should be organized in every part of the country so that all the citizens of the nation get the most benefit out of these camps.