Thanks to all your co-members. May you live for many more ages. I am 60 years old. 50 years of my life completed within no time, I could not realize it. I am suffering with diabetes for the last ten years. Only five years ago I learnt about the disease that I am suffering from this disease.

I was taking the medicine prescribed by the former dean of Jabalpur Medical College. The dosage was three times in 12 hours, morning, afternoon and evening, I got some relief, but it was slow. During the period of stress or at times when I used to visit somebody’s place I used to take tea with sugar and my hands and feet would become numb. Till now, I had only heard and seen about fraud babas and their deeds so I could not develop faith in the beginning. I only believe in what I see.

I started watching your program on Astha channel since March of this year through the television medium. Then I learnt yogasanas after watching your program regularly for about a fortnight. I also took the help of books written by you and CD along with it. I experienced miraculous benefit, but still I did not believe it and consumed sugar continuously for 15 days, even then I did not have any problem. After this my daily routine changed completely, not in the greed of eating but in the form ofexperiment or it can be said thai my outlook towards life took a turn. Now, I control my diet. I had lot of diseases. Whatever asanas you have taught, I have learnt almost all except a few difficult asanas. I practice kapalbhati, bhastrika, anulom-vilom, mandook asana, bhramari and ujjayi from 5 am to 7 am everyday. I am also giving inspiration to others so that they also learn yog. The benefits, which I have got or I am getting from yog practice are mentioned below:

1. My moles are drying up.

2. Swelling of the teeth is getting cured.

3. Diabetes is also under control.

4. A tumor in my throat, which the doctors advised to be operated since 20 years, is now cured.

5. Ujjayi reduced snoring.

6. The nerves of the legs had turned blue since 20 years. Now, they are completely normal.

7. My weight has also reduced from 65 to 60 kilograms.

Your courage is unmatchable. Your thoughts on all the subjects are honest, may you be victorious all the time and engage yourself in fulfilling all your responsibilities.

Shanti Solanki,

Yog kept doctors away

Respected Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj!


I offer my whole- hearted thanks to you. I feel these doctors would have literally killed me, because I would become a patient of blood pressure, had I fallen into their trap. I am feeling much better after watching your program on Astha channel since the month of April 2004. I am a government servant. I felt pain in the heart in March 1993 and took it lightly. I was 28 years old at that time. I had the same kind of pain after a gap of 10 to 12 days and I was admitted into a nursing home. Doctors informed me that I had suffered an attack and a second attack is quite likely. After that, I was admitted into Escorts Hospital, Faridabad for a week. After that, I was treated at Ram ManoharLohia Hospital, New Delhi for almost five years, where some tests were done, Eco to Engiography. During this time my blood pressure reached 170 -180 and my cholsterol level also increased. Meanwhile, I was suffering from heart pain at some intervals and I used to control the pain with medicine, but weakness remained.

I was admitted into Escorts Hospital, Faridabad for the second time due to insomnia. All the tests were repeated once again. After getting discharged from the hospital I felt so weak that I was unable to attend the office. I started watching your program from 19 April 2004 and got some benefit. My weight has reduced from 75 to 64 kilograms. I use to get sound sleep, the pain in the knees also reduced. Presently, I am taking just one homeopathy medicine RZ. I practice yog for at least one to two hours, which includes mainly anulom-vilom and kapalbhati. My body has become healthy and beautiful. Cold, cough and physical problems have reduced to a great extent. I am grateful to you whole-heartedly. I am 39 years old, but feel as if I am just 30 years old. Now, my blood pressure is in the normal range of 120/80.

R.P. Bhardwaj

Regular practice of yog reduced diabetes

Respected Ramdev Ji, Namaskar!

I was a diabetic patient for the last one decade. I got inspiration from your yog program and I am practicing kapalbhati regularly for 10 minutes. My sugar level is absolutely normal and I have stopped taking insulin.

Thanking you

New Delhi-110052

Benefit in Ostiosocis with yog

Revered Ramdev Ji Maharaj, Namaskar!

My wife Bhanuben and I started practicing yog after watching your program on Astha channel. My wife was suffering with ostiosocis. She was not capable to walk, stand, sit, climb up the stairs or come down the stairs. Now, everything is possible with practice of yog. Her joint pain has also reduced to a great extent. We are thankful to you for the same.

Yours truely,
Babubhai G. Amin
Vadodara (Gujarat)

Yog reduced sugar, BP and weight

Respected Swami Ramdev Ji

I used to consume around ten Digene tablets everyday for the last 25 years, but after watching your program on Astha channel from 30 December 2004 and practicing yog this condition has improved. Till now, I have consumed 91250 tablets of Digene, but the result has been zero. The benefits, which I have received from yog are as follows:

1. On 29 September 2004, my weight was 92 kilograms, which reduced to 75 kilograms on 7 December 2004. In other words, my weight reduced by almost 17 kilograms.

2. I was unable to walk properly. Now, I can walk up to five kilo meters without stopping.

3. My blood sugar was 201/249 on 30 September 2004, which was 240/ 313 on 4 October 2004, and 90/153 on 15 November 2004.

4. My blood pressure was 190/100 on 29 September 2004, 150/ 90 on 30 September, 150/100 on 5 October 2004,170/100 on 18 November 2004 and it became normal on 3 December 2004.

I gained the maximum benifit with Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, Mandook asana and cycling. I have stopped taking medicines from 15 November 2004 and practicing asana and pranayam in the morning and evening. The results were zero for several years even after going for morning walk. My wife was taking one tablet of Saridon for the last ten years, which she stopped after practicing yog. Now, I am teaching yog to many people and they are also getting the benefit. I am the live example for all these facts, whether anybody believes it or not my soul definitely believes. Thanks to you a million times,

Mahesh Kumar Gogia
2, Police Temple Building,
Abardin Bazar,
Port Blair-744101
Mobile: 9434263557

Yog benefited in inflammatory arthritis

Respected Swami ji! Namaskar!

I watched your camps on Astha channel and started practicing yog and pranayam with your inspiration. I have inflammatory arthritis, which has improved miraculously, but even now 10 per cent of the problem is persisting. I am continuing the practice. Thanking you

Manoranjan Prasad Saha
Rajkot – 360001 (Gujarat)

Pranayam is old age insurance

Respected Swami Ji, Namaste!

Presently, I am 76 years old. I was suffering with pain in the knees and back for the last three to four years. I took lot of medicines. X-ray and MRI tests were also conducted. Doctors advised me for an operation but I refused. I was in Delhi during previous Dasera and at that time your camp was organized at Faridabad. I attended the camp for five to six days. My son used to drop me there every morning. I have gained relief from practice of yog. I have started walking, and backache has also reduced. Now I practice all the steps of pranayam. I am also teaching this to six to seven people. This is giving me continuous benefit. I am taking the benefits by watching your program on Astha channel in the morning and evening. Now, I am able to sit down and perform ‘havan’. I visited your ashram situated at Hardwar in the month of November along with my son Jagatbhushan and my daughter-in-law, but. did not get the chance to meet you. I have also purchased medicines worth four to five thousand rupees from your ashram, which are very useful.

Yours truely,

Dr. Bharat Bhushan Goyal
822124 (Jharkhand)

Yog is a permanent cure for heart disease

Respected Swami Ji, Namaskar!

Presently, I am 61 years old. I had undergone by-pass surgery in the year 2001, but I was advised for angiography after just six months and I did not get it done. I am watching your program on Astha channel for the last one year and started practicing pranayam. In the beginning, I was unable to do anulom-vilom and Kapalbhati for more than a minute, but now I am able to practice anulom-vilom for 20 minutes very easily. Previously, I used to catch cold and phlegm with change in the weather”. I used to feel cold when 1 used to take a cold drink. The day I started practicing yog, from that day onwards I do not have the problem of cold and phlegm, nor I had the problem of blockage in the nose. The medicines, which I used to have for these problems, have been discontinued from one year. My hand used to pain due to heart problem, there is lot of relief in that problem as well.

The purpose of writing this is that one should practice pranayam, before going for angiography. Doctors ask the patients to undergo by-pass or angiplasty even after carrying out angiography and the patients do not get relief inspite of that. This is my personal experience. The yog and pranayam mission, which you have started, will give you the blessings of lakhs and millions of people and the people of India will benefit from this mission, they will prosper, there is no doubt about this. I pray for your long life.

Yours truly,

Ramanlal P. Chouradia
Pune – 411001

Yog cured diabetes and indigestion
Respected Swami Ji, Namaskar!

I am 42 years old. I am a patient of diabetes for the last 20 years and indigestion for the last four to five years. When I got it examined for the first time, it was 450 and since then I am taking Roglin M-2 in the morning and evening, which controls my sugar.

One of my relatives suggested me to have coarse meal, as per your instructions in the television program. I started eating the coarse meal from that day onwards and stopped taking medicines. I have also started practicing pranayam by watching television. Today, my diabetes is completely normal. The digestion is 95 per cent normal, which was not improving with any medication for the last two decades.

All the members of my family listen to you on Astha channel and the atmosphere of my house is filled with yog. I bow down to you on behalf of everyone.

Mukesh Sharma
Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 54.

Yog benefits in Paralysis

Respected Swami Ramdev Baba, Namaskar!

I am one of the devotees of your yog mission. I had the first paralysis attack in December 2003.1 am practicing yog after watching your program on Astha channel from August 2004.1 have experienced the following miraculous gains:

1. 75 per cent of Paralysis has improved.

2.1 can walk bare foot up to four to five kilometers,

3.1 am 64 years old and half of my hair has turned black, 4. The cornia of my eye had deteriorated, now it has improved almost 25 per cent,

I have experienced these miracles for the last three months, I have started organizing yog camps, I have resolved to take this mission ahead,

Yours truly,

Devaji. S. Mahatme (Jain)
(Maharashtra) Tel: 07229 – 33576