Sprouts are full of nutrition and the best source of a balanced food. Sprouts are alkaline in nature and hence improve the health in many respects. They are helpful in complete purification of the body and also improves the disease fighting capacity of the body. Sprouts also increase the nutritional value of food.

In order to maintain good health, 80% of the food should be alkaline and 20% should be acidic, which should necessarily include raw food and sprouts in good quantity. Sprouts are best medicine for the body. Sprouts are the germinated seeds of lentils or grains, and this germination process gives a lot of beneficial qualities for health.

Why are Sprouts Essential?

In the present life style, food habits are changing fast and in an unnatural way. This has a bad impact on our health. The main reason for most of the diseases is wrong food habits, life style and negative thinking. Sprouts are the best solution for improving wrong food habits. The use of sprouts as a part of daily food fulfills the need for alkaline and acidic food requirement, which is important for maintaining good health.

Use of Sprouts

Any healthy or unhealthy person can eat sprouts but the quantity should be less in the beginning and they should be chewed properly. Cucumber, tomato, green chillies, coriander and lemon can be added to enhance the taste and also make it more nutritious. Sprouts are the germinated seeds of lentils or grains, and this germination process gives lot of beneficial qualities for health. If an ill person consumes raw foods then he or she can overcome health related problems very easily. If a healthy person eats sprouts regularly then he or she can prevent several diseases and also improve their health.

All grains cannot be sprouted. Sunflower, pulses, kidney bean, gram, soybean, fenugreek, and wheat seeds can be sprouted. These sprouts can be taken after consultation with doctor or an expert.

At the time of sprouting wheat, special care should be taken to avoid fungus formation. Use a glass jar to make wheat sprouts or some other special sprout makers that are available in the market and put it under the sun in the morning.

Benefits of Sprouts

Sprouts are natural, fresh and a complete food. They are easily digestible, they control weight and are tasty, besides being nutritious.

Some sprouts have more vitamin C, iron, riboflavin, niacin, and phosphorous. Therefore it is a good source of vitamins and minerals.

The non-nutritional elements reduce after sprouting.

The starch found in sprouts converts into glucose, fructose and maltose. It not only enhances taste but also improves the digestion. The process of sprouting is slower in lentils when compared to grains.

Sprouts reach the different organs of the body quickly and give instant energy.

Sprouts are nutritious for the body in a natural way.

Sprouts are a complete food and free from adulteration.

The body gets necessary nutrition from sprouts.

Sprouts help alcohol addicts to get rid of this problem.

Sprouts should be taken raw as boiling, cooking or roasting destroys its nutrition value. However, it can be steam cooked. Old people, who cannot chew sprouts, should grind it and eat the paste. This will not reduce the nutritional value of sprouts.

Sprouts of kidney beans, fenugreek, gram and other grains can be made in a glass jar or damp cloth. Wash the grains or lentils thoroughly in water at least three to four times. Remove the bad seeds and place the good ones in a glass jar and fill it with four times water. Soak overnight, and spread on a cotton cloth, tie it nicely and keep it aside. During summer season, sprinkle cold water on the sprout bag prepared in this manner to retain the moisture. Sprouts appear the next morning. The sprouting process takes more time during winter season than summer season. Sprinkle water inside the jar also at regular intervals.

Do not store the sprouts for many days. Use fresh sprouts and wash it once in water before eating.

The seeds, grains or lentils chosen for making sprouts should be fresh, new, clean, and free from chemicals. Some seeds cannot be sprouted during this process.

Select and remove the unhealthy seeds.

Best Seeds Suitable for Sprouting:

Kidney beans can be easily sprouted. They contain vitamin A, E and C.

Fenugreek has a strong and bitter taste. It has curative power. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and arthritis.

Gram is sprouted since ancient times. It provides vitamins, protein and minerals. Sprouts are like nectar. Eat them raw to improve your health.