Respected Swamiji, I am a graduate of Kanya Gurukul, Narela. I have also completed a course in Ayurveda from Kanya Gurukul, Kankhal, Haridwar in 1972. I was fortunate to listen to the great advices of Acharya Bhagwan Dev ji (Late. Swami Omanand Ji), Swami Vratanand Ji, Munishwaranand Ji and other great people.

The ancient ideals of saints and sages became alive in the gurukul established by the arya society. Having been brought up in the soil of these values since childhood, it is difficult to see the pathetic situation of the country. Sacrificing the glorious culture and blindly adopting the western culture by the modern Indian youth, as a result of this the society is experiencing corruption, improper conduct and pollution. I discuss the issue quiet often with my brother Dr. Indradev that what type of future is lying ahead. I remember the verse narrated by Yogiraj Shrikrishna in Gita, which says –

I used to think as to when would that pious soul appear in this country. On somebody’s advice when I watched your program on television, I was extremely happy and contended. All of us were surprised with the results of yoga practice. You are not only saving the physical health of lakhs of human beings through yoga devotion but also purifying their impurity. I experienced a glad surprise that you are a scholarly ascetic educated in the gurukul. The kind of yoga revolution, which you have spread in the entire nation, I strongly believe that change in the age is definite.

When you speak the truth with a fearless roaring like a lion and easily solve the burning problems of the country then it appears that Shri Krishna’s saying is coming true. Only an arya ascetic can speak fearlessly, leaving the attachment towards life and stand firmly in the battlefield to eliminate the flaws. The aim for which you are making the efforts, may the supreme soul make it a success and fulfill your vow.

I have also started yoga practice from the month of October and obtained considerable relief. Before this, there used to be severe pain in both my legs during night, the nerves used to tighten, I was unable to sleep because of pain, the body was lacking charm and I had developed internal weakness. Asthma, irritability and headache used to keep me worried. I was cured of all these diseases after practicing yoga, the eyesight has improved, the weight has reduced, mind and body has become lively, now I can work for hours together without taking rest, I do not loose temper, self confidence has also increased.

With your appearance nobody can stop my country from becoming happy and prosperous
and all the thorny paths will themselves become perfect. Om sham! Faithfully

Dr.Shobha Shastri Banbasa, Champavat, (Uttaranchal)

Improvement in blood pressure with yoga practice :

Respected Swamiji! Namaskar! I am a regular viewer of your yoga program telecast on Astha Channel. I was suffering with blood pressure since the age of 20-21. However, I was not taking any medicines for the past seven years, because I feel it is harmful to be dependent on medicines. Last time, when my blood pressure was 106/ 130 then I got a warning and I started practicing yoga advised by you. Within four days I was cured of blood pressure by practicing bhastrika for 5 minutes, anulom-vilom for 10 minutes and kapalbhati for 10 minutes. Now I am practicing these regularly. In between the blood pressure had increased when I did not do pranayam but I think it is better to do it regularly. I am watching your program for the last 15 days only.

I am a teacher and artist by profession, but at this time I am not at any post otherwise I would have definitely offered financial help to Patanjali Yogapith because this is a very pious work and only saintly and selfless souls can think of it. I will definitely think of this when I get a job.

Thanking you,
Your disciple,
Nidhi Dwarika
New Delhi

Snoring, tumors and eyesight cured with yoga practice:

Most revered Swami Ji! Namaskar! My wife and myself watch your program on Astha channel every morning. Before yoga practice I used to snore heavily. Now I am cent percent fit. I sleep happily. I wake up on time, weight has reduced from 73 to 68 kilograms, body is healthy and there is no laziness. My wife had tumors on hands, legs and breast, now they are 99 per cent cured. Her weight has also reduced from 99 kilograms to 72 kilograms. She had 2 number specs, but now there is no need. We have a small complaint as well; the tune of music interrupts the program, due to which your voice and directions are not heard properly. When the music is silent, your voice is very clear. Please, make such arrangements that when you are directing something then the music should be stopped. We offer many many thanks for the benefits obtained from yoga.

Awaiting your appearance
Balwan Singh Retired chief teacher,
Jhajjhar (Haryana) -124103

Pranayam cured fever, diabetes, blood pressure and arthritis:

Most respected Swami Ji! Pranam! I was sick for one and a half month and used to get fever in the morning and evening. I used to be all right during the day time. I consumed allopathic and homeopathic medicines for almost one month but did not get any relief. I visited many doctors and spent lot of money but that also did not give any relief. Then one day I saw your program on Astha and me and my mother started practicing pranayam after watching it on television. That gave lot of benefit to both of us. Previously, I used to feel like dying, but pranayam gave me courage. My
fever got cured; my mother, who was suffering with diabetes, blood pressure and arthritis for the last ten years, is also completely cured and does not take any type of medicine. She does all the household work herself and does not get tired. Yoga has given us new life and now I give inspiration to others to do yoga, with which they are getting benefit. The happiest thing is that they are boycotting cold drinks and other imported things. Now, we watch only your program, which is telecast from 5 to 7 in the morning and 8.20 to 9.20 in the night.

Thanking you
Daljit Kaur,
Delhi cantt.-110010

Pranayam benefited in several diseases:

Respected swami Ji! Namaste! The great work which respected Ramanand Sagar Ji had done for the propaganda of the religion by producing Ramayana serial, the same significant work you are dong in the field of yoga, religion and spirituality with complete devotion, faith, and efforts, which has become a topic of discussion not only in the Indian households but also abroad. I feel that Ramanand Sagar and you are forms of Shri Ram because the benefits which people are getting by merely watching your program on television is beyond comparison and crores of people are taking its benefit physicaly, mentaly and spiritually. This is the blessing of Shri Ram. The material published in ‘Yoga Sandesh’ is also quiet beneficial. I was an annual member of this, now I have taken life member-
ship. Your institute is also creating
faith and consciousness towards

I thank you a hundred times for allthese activities.

Your well-wisher
B.Com. M.S (Economics)
F.C.S Secretariat Officer,
N.T.P.C Ltd., Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Yoga practice is a sure shot:

Respected Swami Ji! Namaste! We are practicing yoga asana, pranayam by watching your program on television for the last 15 days. I have knowledge about homeopathy and Ayurved medication along with it I collect lot of herbs from forests and lonely places and apply them and also inform the qualities and uses to the poor. After working in this field for the last 40 years and experiencing your asana, pranayam, the result is that the herbs do not have life and age, compared to the life which is there in oxygen and labor (asana and pranayam)

I was letting the children bum crackers on the Diwali day and my palm got burnt. I applied homeopathic medicine Kanthati every two minutes, as it was readily and immediately available. The blister did not form however the burning sensation persisted. Anulom-vilom gave me relief. The burning sensation increased on doing kapalbhati and then anulom-vilom calmed it and I went off to sleep. I became healthy in three days. A 75-year-old woman was suffering with paralysis and one of her legs used to shiver continuously and her thinking capacity had diminished. I taught her anulom-vilom. Now, she is feeling better within seven days only. Her husband Lalchand, aged 79 years, is an addict of bidi and opium for the last 40 years. The leg is out of the hipbones and walks with the leg on knee and groans with pain. It is three years that the legs are out of the hipbones. He is suffering with asthma and at night diabetes troubles him. He is practicing bhastrika and anulom-vilom for the last 10 days. Your gift has provided him partial relief. One milkman had cold very often and suffering with asthma every morning for the last one year, he is relieved of cold and asthma since ten days. Now I believe that life-giving air prohibits all the medicines, diseases and sufferings, if the methods told by you are practiced regularly. Respectfully, Radheyshyam Vyas Main P.O Thana – 311804 Via – Kareda, Bhilwada (Raj.)

Sure-shot medicine for botch:

Respected Swami ji! Namaskar! I had a botch 10 inches in size under the left knee. This was there for a long time, which used to hitch a lot. You had advised me to apply the neem juice, cow dung and cow urine in the camp at Jodhpur. We had heard this on television. I rubbed the area with dried cow dung and then applied the medicine. This gave me 95 per cent relief. I am practicing this everyday, till the botch does not get cured completely, I will keep on applying this medicine. I am practicing pranayam and asana for legs along with this application. Your well- wisher

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Yoga imparted positive attitude:

Respected swami ji!

46 years back when I was playing cricket, the ball struck my right knee. This resulted in blood clot in my right knee; swelling and severe pain remained in the knee. I did not get relief even after doing regular massage, plaster of bond T.B and in turn my leg became thin. As a result it was difficult to turn my leg backward. I was unable to sit in sukhasan on the floor.

I listened to your discourses on Astha channel before six months. As per your saying, every disease has a medicine- yoga. I had Parkinson’s in my right hand. I had to walk with the help of a hand stick due to pain. But was unable to hold the stick. I could not sign with ball pen. I was suffering with slip disc for the last three years. I tried allopathic, homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines but they did not benefit. I developed negative attitude. I started suspecting everything and used to be depressed the whole day. I developed some faith when I watched your program for two to three days. I used to practice pranayam and yoga as per your directions. My disease was cured after three months. Previously, I was not able to walk for 100 feet also and now I walk for three kilometers. My headache and everything has cured, previously I used to think that glass is half empty and now I feel that the glass is half full. Now I have become a person with positive attitude. My life style has changed. I am 65 years old and I am completely healthy.

Two years ago I suffered heart trouble. I was kept in I.C.U for three days; I was discharged after seven days. Doctor prescribed medicines, he advised me to take complete rest instead of working, asked me not to lift heavy weight and not climb stairs. The result of six months of yoga practice is that I have stopped taking all the medicines. I climb four stories and I do not have any problem. I used to teach vajrasan to my daughters, my daughter said, papa you also do asana. But I was unable to sit in sukhasan for the last 46 years. I tried to sit in Sukhasan on my daughter’s request and sat in the asana for one full minute. My family and me were filled with joy. In fact this is a miracle. I do oil massage every morning, apply acupressure in the morning and evening on the palms and legs. I drink juice of wheat millet and chew 15 to 20 leaves of tulsi. Now I am trying to sit in Padmasan. I have taught pranayma to ten people, they in turn they will train ten -ten people. Swami Ji with your medium, the grace that God has bestowed upon me, I thank you once again a hundred times for the same.

Anant L.Gujjar