Divya Madohar Vati (Weightless) This medicine reduces fat. Dosage: Take one or two tablets twice a day after half an hour of breakfast and dinner with lukewarm water. People suffering with constipation should also regularly take Triphala powder with warm water in the night.

Divya Madhunashini Vati (Diabetes)

This medicine cures diabetes. Dosage: Take two tablets before half an hour or after one hour of breakfast, lunch and dinner with milk or water. Along with this medicine practice pranayam and maintain strict control over diet. Bandhyatwanashak yog (infertility)

Shivlingi: 100gm
PutrajivakGiri: 200gm

Take both the medicines in equal quantity and make a powder. Take l/4 th spoon of this powder before breakfast and dinner with cow milk. Regular consumption of this medicine cures infertility and the female is blessed with children. This medicine cures the problem of miscarriages.

Pipal Patra: Naksir Naskak (bleeding from the nose)

Grind the Paipal leaves and extract the juice. Pour five drops of this juice in the nostrils, this gives instant relief in bleeding from the nose. Extract the juice of 30 to 40 leaves and mix it with sugar candy. Drink this juice for instant relief.

Rakta Srava: (Bleeding from any part of the body)

Take five to ten ml of juice of paipalleaves on empty stomach. This immediately controls bleeding.

Medicine for the hair
Choose a honeycomb from which the honeybees have flown out, take 25 gm of the comb, add 10 to 15 China rose leaves (Gudhal) in 1/2 liter of coconut oil and boil it on low flame. When the honeycomb turns black remove the oil from flame, cool it, sieve it and store it in a bottle. Massage the head regularly with this oil for growth of hair.

Ashwagandha Churna (Weakness) Physically weak persons should take one spoon each of Ashvagandha churna (powder) twice a day with milk. The person gains around 3 to 5 kilograms of weight within one month. This medicine is especially beneficial for physical weakness, wind and nervous related problems.

Udarkrimi (Stomach worms)

Extract the juice of peach and take one spoon of this juice on empty stomach. Regular dosage of this medicine kills all the worms in the stomach within four to five days.

Make a fine paste of Marua (A kind of Basil) or extract juice from its leaves . Add one gm of Kabila Churna and take it empty stomach. This medicine also kills the worms in the stomach within 4 to 5 days.

Home remedy for Jaundice

Grind the new-fresh leaves of Swallow-wort (medicinal plant -Aak) and keep it in Betel leaf. Take this medicine regularly for two to three days, Jaundice will get cured and Bile Rubin level in the patient’s blood starts reducing. Grate a big gourd and give the juice to the Jaundice patient, he will get relief.

Chronic cough

Suck five to seven black pepper seeds throughout the day, this will give immediate relief on the first day itself. Suck two to three black pepper seeds at a time. We have cured chronic coughs within minutes with the help of this medicine.

Increasing breast milk

Mothers who have less quantity of milk in the breasts or it has dried up due to some reasons, should take 3 to 5 gm of Shatawar churna twice a day with cow milk. This will increase the quantity of milk in their breasts.

Pregnant women can take this medicine to control the deficiency of milk after some time of delivery. Mothers can take Shatawar Churna after delivery as well. This powder can also be given to cattle. They will produce the best quality milk.

Patharchatta (Stones)

Every morning chew two to three leaves of Patharchatta (A kind of grass). Within few days all types of stones, gall bladder and urinary problems get cured.