Spinach is an extremely beneficial and tasty leafy vegetable. Spinach is found in all the parts of India and it is cooked in many different ways. In some places, people cook it along with potato and eat it in the form of dry vegetable, and in some places it is boiled, grinded and cooked with onions, garlic, tomato etc.

Whatever may be the style of cooking, spinach is a healthy food. It is also cooked with the leaves of the rapeseed plant (sarson). This combination is very delicious and makes the spinach even more beneficial and healthy. Spinach is the most beneficial among the leafy vegetables. Spinach is a very popular leafy vegetable. In winters it is produced in abundant quantity. It is also available in other seasons. Cold and humid climate is favorable for the growth of spinach.

Nutrients Found in Spinach:

Spinach contains Vitamins A, B, C, Chlorophyll, Beta Carotene, and Sodium Riaphalebin etc. Spinach is cold in nature, but it destroys cold and phlegm. It also cures blood impurities and bile related problems.


Medicinal Qualities of Spinach:

Spinach is beneficial in the form of food and also it is extremely beneficial in the form of medicine. It cures many diseases. Most children dislike it and do not want to eat it. Most ladies also show disinterest to cook it because it has to be cut and cooked and takes more time in cooking. I would like to ask these ladies a very simple question. You are willing to stand in long queues in doctor’s clinic, consume many harmful allopathic medicines and tolerate the side effects of these medicines, but you can’t spare a little time to cook this highly beneficial natural medicine known as spinach?

Nature has provided different types of vegetables and leaves to remain healthy. This is an invaluable gift from mother nature. We should not dislike these leaves and vegetables, but rather we should consume these vegetables whole heartedly. Leaves and vegetables are medicines in the form of food. They cure us in some form or the other and always keep us away from diseases. Spinach is one such natural medicine. It is not just a grass or some kind of ordinary leaf. We should develop knowledge about the medicinal qualities of spinach. The herbivorous animals eat grass and are much stronger than us. Spinach contains iron in abundant quantity. Consuming spinach regularly cures anemia. The Hemoglobin quantity in the blood rises sharply, the blood is purified and bones also become strong. Those who cannot eat spinach or are extremely weak should consume one glass of raw or boiled spinach juice everyday. The soup of any vegetable or leafy vegetable is easily digestible. It provides instant energy to a weak person, as it is easily digestible.

Spinach Cures Dental Problems:

Consuming one glass of boiled spinach soup or eating it in the form of vegetable everyday cures dental problems. Soup of carrot and spinach cures the problem of bleeding gums. The gums become strong and the teeth last for a longer time.

Spinach is Beneficial in Urinary Disorders:

Spinach is extremely beneficial in urinary disorders. Mix the spinach juice along with coconut water and consume it everyday, this helps excretes urine properly. Some people have the complaint of less or excess urination after meals, this problem is also cured because spinach has the quality of balancing the less or excess urination.

Spinach is Beneficial in Respiratory Diseases:

Spinach is very beneficial in respiratory diseases. Drink the juice of raw spinach leaves and eat the raw leaves in the form of salad. This provides relief to patients suffering with respiratory problems. Spinach and honey cure the problems of throat, tuberculosis and asthma and remove the phlegm accumulated in the lungs. This gives energy to the lungs, so they start functioning normally. Spinach juice cures the burning sensation in the throat.

Spinach is the Best Medicine for Constipation:

Spinach is the best medicine for constipation. It works as a purifier of the digestive system. Regular consumption of spinach juice automatically cleans the digestive system. It easily removes the toxic substances present in the intestine and also provides nutrition to the intestines. It is very important to remember that constipation is a serious disease and leads to almost all other diseases. If you want to remain healthy then eat spinach everyday.

Spinach is Useful for Pregnant Women:

Green leaves of spinach are very useful for expecting mothers. The abundant quantity of iron is beneficial for both the child and the mother. Spinach contains vitamin A, which is extremely beneficial for pregnant women. It is very useful for increasing the breast milk. A pregnant woman should drink at least one glass of spinach juice everyday.


Spinach leaves should be washed properly before cooking. Spinach contains oxalic acid. Kidney patients should consume spinach with a little care. It may cause wind (vayu) related problems; therefore it should not be consumed as much in the rainy season.