Women soaking their hair in cow urine was a common practice in Iceland for centuries when soap was a far fetched luxury. It was believed to work miracles on the hair, leaving it revitalised and shining.

Icelandic entrepreneurs are now marketing shampoo with cow urine as one of its ingredients.

The new hair soap is called Q Shampoo (Q literally sounds in Icelandic like the Icelandic word for a cow “kú”).

According to the entrepreneurs, who are studying at the University of Reykjavík, the urine is both cleansing and rich of minerals and vitamins. The soap also includes coconut- and sunflower oil and some other fragrances.

Anton Reynir Hafdísarson, one of the Q-team, told news site Vísir that some think that they detect a slight whiff of urine of the soap. But he believes that the reason might just be that they know about it in the product. He uses the Q Shampoo daily and could not be happier.

Cow urine contains ammonia, which is the main ingredient in many modern day hair products, and using it for treating hair is known in other countries than Iceland. Manufacturers in India have, for example, a full range of cosmetics made out of the stuff, ranging from toothpaste to skin cream.

Source: Iceland Magazine

Icelandic scientists launch shampoo made from Cow Urine claiming it’s full of natural minerals

  • The Q Shampoo’s creators claim cow urine is ‘good at cleaning’
  • Naturally contains ammonia, which is used in lots of hair products
  • Icelandic girls historically used urine to wash and ‘beautify’ their hair

From raw egg to cider vinegar, people have long been drenching their locks with bizarre substances in the eternal quest for shiny locks, but this latest ingredient might just take the biscuit.

Icelandic entrepreneurs have come up with a shampoo made out of cow urine, which they claim is loaded with minerals and vitamins, and is naturally ‘good at cleaning’.

Q Shampoo, as it’s been dubbed, is the brainchild of six students at the University of Reykjavik, and borrows from what is said to be a ‘centuries-old tradition’ of Icelandic women washing their hair with urine.

Iceland Comes Up With Cow Urine Shampoo

Co-creator Anton Reynir Hafdisarson said: ‘Despite the critics, some people will think it exciting and want to give it a try.

‘Icelandic history tells us that girls used to mix urine into their washing water to clean and beautify their hair.’

Urine from a cow, like most other animals, naturally contains ammonia, which is indeed one of the main ingredients in many modern day hair products.