The skin is one of the five sensory organs, which has the quality of touch. A person is able to find out hot and cold temperature with the help of touch. It also purifies the blood. Skin is the third part to purify blood. Millions of glands of skin purify the blood and the impurities go out of the body in the form of sweat and dirt through the skin pores.

Working throughout the day, hectic schedule and mental work causes wear and tear of the body. This tiredness mixes with the blood. The skin glands purify the blood at that place and activate it.

Therefore skin should always be active and disease free. Accumulation of dirt or obstruction in sweat production leads to skin ailments. It also obstructs blood circulation in that area. It can also lead to joint pain, knee pain, gout, and kidney and lung diseases. Keeping the skin healthy and clean can prevent various diseases.

Nature Therapy for Glowing Skin

Keep the stomach clean and take bath everyday. Rub the whole body for five to seven minutes before taking bath and then take bath with fresh water. Rub the body with a towel while taking bath. This removes dirt and dead skin and cleans the skin.

Take bath with lukewarm water during winters. At first pour water on the head, this activates the skin. Wear loose and comfortable clothes during summers. Sit under the sun for sometime after taking bath during the cold season.

Use soaps as less as possible, use it once or twice a week. Use body packs made with gram flour and myrobalan, ritha and shikakai powder for hair. Alternately you can also use a paste of gram flour and multani mati for taking bath. Mix it nicely and apply on the body, let it dry and then take bath. It prevents itching, dryness, boils, eruption, eczema and other skin diseases.

Do not apply powder on the skin after taking bath during summers as it blocks the skin pores and prevents purification of blood. It is not beneficial for maintaining good and healthy skin.

Wear cotton clothes in all seasons. Nylon and other synthetic fiber is harmful for the skin and does not absorb sweat. The undergarments should be especially made of cotton or hosiery material, avoid nylon and synthetic material for undergarments.

Some people suffer from itching and irritation with woolen clothes in the winter season. In this case wear woolen clothes over a cotton shirt or kurta. Use cotton and thin fabric during the summer season. Loose clothes are always comfortable. Boil neem leaves and take bath with that water at least twice a week.

Ayurvedic Diet for Glowing Skin

Fasting is advisable at least once a week in order to keep the skin disease free, healthy and beautiful. Fruit diet and fruit juice remove impurities from the blood and alkalinity. This helps in maintaining the skin at its normal condition. Patients of chronic skin ailments should do fasting on plain water once a week. They should start solid diet once the impurities go out. They should eat chapattis made with whole-wheat flour with green vegetables. Coarse meal and vegetables are also beneficial. Vitamin A and C are beneficial for the skin. Take food that is rich in these vitamins.

Carrot juice, myrobalan juice, orange, pineapple, papaya, mango, lemon, cucumber, cabbage, spinach, other green vegetables and salad are beneficial. Take sprouts, whole-wheat pulses, chapattis, curd (yoghurt), and cottage cheese for diet.

Eat food only when you are hungry and eat slightly less than required. Sour chutneys, pickles, sweet and sour sauce and fried things are harmful for the skin. In some skin diseases citrus fruits are prohibited.

Yogic Cure for Glowing Skin

Yoga increase the health of the skin and makes it active. First and foremost try to clear the stomach everyday. Try to improve the condition of lungs, liver, kidneys and heart and this is possible only with yoga practice. Practice sutraneti and jalaneti everyday. This opens the nose and purifies the blood. Learn these two yogic activities under the guidance of an expert yoga teacher and then do it on your own.

Practice yogasanas in the morning in open air to keep the skin healthy.

Paschimottasana activates the digestive organs and digestion process.

It improves appetite and removes foul air and fecal matter. It is also helpful in destroying stomach worms, improves the functioning of the liver, spleen and intestines. It cures kidney diseases. It improves the blood circulation and the body becomes healthy. It gives natural glow to the face, strengthens the body, and brings in liveliness. This asana is also beneficial in overcoming gout, backache, spinal problem, knee pain, thigh pain and calf muscle pain. It makes the spine flexible. It strengthens the nerves of the spine and back. It is also very beneficial for the skin and improves its quality.

Ardhamatysendrasana should be practiced for overcoming diabetes and backache. It improves the health of internal organs and helps in proper blood circulation around the nerves and veins spreading around the spine. It removes stomach problems and makes the skin glowing, shining and soft.

Sputa vajrasana helps in overcoming constipation as regular practice contracts and expands the lower abdomen, and thereby activates the large intestine. It removes constipation, navel imbalance and improves kidney functioning. This has a positive impact on the health of the skin.

Shalabhasana overcomes all the problems arising in the lower part of the spine, backache, sciatica, etc. Pavanmuktasana helps in removing the foreign particles from the body. It has a positive affect on the body, it is beneficial in stomach diseases, windy complaints, gynecological problems, mild, painful and obstructed menstruation, and uterus related problems. It is also beneficial for the patients of acidity, heart disease, gout and backache. It reduces extra fat from the stomach, the above mentioned diseases are removed and the skin becomes healthy and gets a natural glow.

Uttanapadasana overcomes the stomach disorders and makes the body active and fresh. It sheds extra kilos from the stomach, strengthens the intestines and improves the digestive system. It improves appetite and removes gastric trouble. It is also helpful in curing chronic constipation; stomach disorders and makes the skin healthy. It maintains the navel balance and functions properly.

Bhujangasana should be practiced to overcome spine and chest problems and attain proper development. It overcomes the spinal tension and makes it flexible. Regular practice of this asana keeps the waist thin and expands the chest. It also strengthens the tonsils and throat glands. It overcomes goiter and other throat diseases. It actives the nervous system, strengthens the endocrine system and is beneficial in curing migraine. This asana improves the kidney functioning, strengthens the stomach nerves, and overcomes fatigue, constipation, and increases digestive fire, as well as curing gastric problems. This asana also strengthens the stomach muscles, intestines and lungs. It is beneficial in overcoming night pollution and early ejaculation. It maintains the beauty in women and prevents aging. When these problems are cured, the skin glows naturally and shines. Yoga and pranayama should be practiced regularly; they activate the skin glands and maintains their good health. Practice shitali pranayama during summers and bhastrika and nadi shodhana during winters. Antarik kumbhaka is also beneficial along with Kapalbhati.