Body massage is a process, which refreshes the body and mind and makes the person active. Massage not only relieves tiredness but also keeps the body healthy. It reduces mental stress also.

Man and massage are like hand in glove. The mother starts body massage for a newborn child after a few days of its birth, so that it develops properly and remains strong. It strengthens the bones and muscles of the child. Not only the human beings but also even the birds massage their chicks by combing the wings softly with the hands. The animals lick their newborns and do massage. As far as man is concerned the life becomes dull without massage and the person suffers from inferiority complex. Lack of body massage gives rise to various diseases. Some people become very dull and some become mad also. If we think about it carefully we realize that all these problems have some connection or the other with body massage. It has been said that body massage strengthens the humours,gives sound sleep, purifies blood, cleans respiration and skin and removes kapha and vata.

Massage increases blood circulation. It can help in reducing blood pressure and pulse rate. It increases body temperature; strengthens all the body parts, improves eyesight, prevents ageing and makes the body strong. It is said that health is wealth. If a person enjoys good health then everything will be all right otherwise nothing is right. If you do not have good health then you will not be capable of doing anything. It is necessary to wake up early in the morning in order to maintain good health and go for morning walks or do some exercise after finishing the morning chores. Walking in fresh air and body massage done under sun makes the body fresh. It is also advisable to eat light and easily digestible food. Remember that one cannot buy good health from the market; you have to maintain it with self-efforts. Let us talk about massage.Massaging the soles prevents diseases. It improves eyesight. It is also necessary to know that that eye pupils contain several branches, which are connected to the soles.

Therefore, massaging the soles is beneficial for the eyes. Oil massage is also beneficial for the patients of kapha and indigestion. We should massage our body in such a way that the oil reaches our body pores, roots of hair and all over in order to give complete benefits. Massage rebuilds new cells and replaces the broken ones and increases disease-fighting capacity in the body. It enhances the physical beauty and gives good shape to the body. It prevents aging. We have discussed in the beginning itself that massage strengthens the muscles of our body and overcomes the stiffness. It increases the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.

Study has shown that massage is more effective than\ acupuncture in relieving pain. Regular body massage helps in finding out the actual place of pain. The body gets more amount of oxygen with massage, which produces endorphin in the body, a painkiller. It overcomes the body ache. Endorphine keeps the body healthy and gives good feeling. Chronic pain can also be overcome with this painkiller.

Massage increases the delta waves of our body. These waves help us in enjoying good and sound sleep.Massage and sleep have a strong relation. 15 minutes body massage makes the mind sharp and active, and thereby induces a nice feeling.

Massage increases the resistance power. Massage is necessary to relax the muscles that get tired after long day’s work. Therefore it is necessary to include it in our daily routine and change the life style accordingly massage should be done at least once a week if not daily. It can be done on own or by some massage expert.

Advantages of body massage

It burns extra fat from the body

It stimulates the nervous system of the body, and helps in the proper functioning of other systems.

It overcomes gout, discoloration, muscles and nervous diseases, lunacy, paralysis among children, sprain, headache etc.

It develops the skin pores and tissues.

It strengthens all the body organs and the skin retains sufficient amount of oil.

It helps in proper development of the body.

Massage gives complete benefit to those who cannot exercise due to some disease or other problem.

Precautions before doing massage

Patients of heart disease, tumors, cancer, burns, injuries or fracture should consult the doctor before beginning the massage.

Cover the body with a thick towel before beginning massage. It is advisable to cover major portion of the body at the time of massage.

In case of pain or some other problem with massage consult the doctor without delay.

Have positive thoughts at the time of doing massage. The mind remains calm and focused.

The place of massage should be clean and quiet,and also open or well ventilated.

Massage should always be done slowly while exerting pressure.

Weak patients should not do massage for more than 30 minutes.

Oil massage is ideal but dry massage under sun is also beneficial.

Begin the massage from lower portion and move the hands upwards.

Use almond oil for head massage.

Begin the massage from toes and ankles and move upwards followed by massage of hands, stomach, chest, spine, head and finally the face.

In winters, massage in a warm area and in cool places in summers.

Take bath with fresh water as far as possible after body massage. This is very refreshing for the body.

Do not do body massage after meals.

Massage should also be avoided in case of swelling and fever.

Women should massage their chest in a specific way. They should massage the breast in circular motion.

Massage is very beneficial for women suffering from infertility and hysteria.

Children should be given massage with pure ghee (clarified butter) or butter.

Massage the children’s body gently.