Ayurveda has the cure for all disease. It is a complete and approved system of medication. The medicines made out of rasa (essence), bark, fruit, and leaves of different plants may appear to be useless, but they have the capacity to cure many incurable diseases. Today’s modern life style has influenced the human brain to a great extent.

Busy schedules and hectic work has resulted in our memory power becoming weakened. Foreign companies are coming up with new medicines and polluting the bodies environment at a time when we are trying to cope up with stress and tension. It is not sure whether such polluting medicines improve memory power or not, though it is certain that these medicines have adverse effects on the body.


Our brain has three parts. There are the conscious, subconscious and unconscious aspects of mind. All three forms are associated with memory. The conscious mind is the part of contemporary memory. The subconscious mind is related to those memories which can be remembered with great difficulty. The memories, which have been forgotten and the person is unable to recollect in spite of his best efforts are included in the unconscious mind. The memories and incidents which are a part of this mind sometimes appear in the form of dreams or a rare incident.

Important Yogic Remedies from Ancient Indian Scriptures:

1. 29th chapter of Agnipuran contains a medicine, which grants longevity to a person. According to the text, consuming 240 mg to 500 mg of Brahmi powder with milk every morning is very beneficial. It also increases the memory power.

2. Ayurvedic scriptures like Charaka and Sushruta say that consuming 3 gm of green vegetable soup (made form Brahmi) increases the memory power. Brahmi leaves are tasty just like the tamarind leaves.

3. Bhav Prakash includes the importance of Shankhpushpi for good memory. Consuming 3 to 6 gm of Shankhpushpi powder with milk is extremely beneficial for increasing memory. It also plays an important role in improving the functioning of the brain and its overall development.

4 .Beshajya Ratnavali is a famous Ayurvedic literature. According to this book, regular consumption of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, almond, etc. strengthen the brain cells and provide coolness to the brain. They are helpful in improving memory power and curing nervous related problems.

5.An Ayurvedic literature called Chikitsa Chandrodaya mentions the importance of Brahmi in the form of a chemical. Regular consumption of Brahmi improves the capacity to think and understand. It also includes a simple combination to improve memory power. It says that almond and sugar candy ‘Halava’ (sweet dish) is very healthy to strengthen the brain cells and improve the memory power.

6. Add one gram of black pepper in ten grams of honey and consume this mixture twice a day. This combination is very beneficial for increasing the memory power, improves eyesight and stops premature graying of hair.

7. A Greek literature ‘Ijajul Gruba’ mentions that consuming fiber in right quantity is extremely beneficial. Almond and pomegranate squash are very useful sources of fiber food. Whichever squash suits the body, should be taken regularly in the summer season. This book has cautioned that the best way to improve the memory power is to keep the mind cold and the feet warm.

8. Ayurvedic books have paid utmost attention to massage. Massaging the feet and head with rapeseed oil is beneficial in improving the memory power. Regular massage of the head increases the blood flow and also improves the memory power. It also relieves headache and improves the eyesight.

9. A simple tip can improve your memory power many times. When you go to bed, lie down straight, close your eyes and memorize all the activities, which you did throughout the day from morning to evening. Practice this tip everyday and you will notice that the memory power has improved to a great extent.

10. People who sleep with their head towards the East or South direction have very good memory power.

11. According to Guru Pushya Yog one should always keep Apamarg herb, this increases the memory power.

Diet for a Healthy Brain:

Necessary vitamins for the brain:

Vitamin B -1: It is necessary for the brain. The main sources are-sprouted cereals, green-leafy vegetables and groundnuts.

Vitamin B-2: This is also very important for the brain and is found in milk, cheese, green vegetables, tomato and apricot.

Vitamin B-6: The brain needs this vitamin and is mainly found in whole grains, yeast, dried beans, potato, fruits, and green vegetables.

Vitamin B-12: It is very important for the proper functioning of the brain. Its main sources are milk, curd and cheese.

Vitamin-C: It keeps the brain healthy and the main sources of this vitamin are tomatos, melons, myrobalan, lime, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, strawberry, and turnip.

Vitamin-E: It gives strength to the brain and the main sources of this vitamin are tomato, dried beans, pulses, grains, spinach, and green vegetables.

Mineral Salts are Very Important:

1. Calcium keeps the brain healthy and is mainly found in beans, grains, and pulses.

2. Our brain requires sodium and can be obtained from pulses, cheese. It is normally found in all the edible items and common salt is also sodium.

3. Our brain also requires iron, which is found in green vegetables, pulses, beans, groundnuts etc.

4. Potassium also strengthens the body and pulses, green leafy vegetables, beans, cereals, milk, fruits especially banana and orange are good source of potassium.

5. Zinc keeps the brain in proper condition and can be obtained from beans, cereals, and pulses. These items should be included in our daily diet.

6. Magnesium strengthens the mind. It is found in soyabeans, milk, green vegetables, pulses, well water etc.

7. Fluoride gives the brain the ability to think and understand. Fluoride is found in tea, coffee, soyabean and drinking water.

8. Copper is very essential for the brain and the best sources are cereals, mushroom, green peas, beans etc.

9. Selenium refreshes the mind and makes it strong. Selenium is found in whole grains, milk, cheese, vegetables etc.

Sun Heated Oil:

1. Oil made under the sunlight cures diseases related to the brain. This oil is known as ‘Asmani’ oil, which means the oil made under the sky. To prepare this oil you require a blue colored glass bottle and black sesame oil or rapeseed oil or coconut oil. Fill the bottle with any one type of oil and keep it under the Sun for at least three months. Do not keep the bottle on the floor rather place it on some wooden plank.

2. Cover the bottle with cotton and change the cotton everyday.

3. This oil makes the mind active, cool and makes the hair healthy.

4. This oil works very well in all diseases related to the brain. Massaging the body with this oil increases the strength of the body.

5. This oil reduces burning sensation in the eyes, hands, legs and nervous weakness.