Respected Swami ji! I have been suffering with white spots problem for the past 32 years. I consulted several renowned doctors in Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Udaipur but in vain and I also spent several lakhs of rupees for the treatment. I stopped taking any sort of treatment for the last ten to 12 years and started living with the spots.

When I watched you speaking on Astha- channel that yoga and pranayam can cure diseases then I started believing that it was true. I also participated in the Udaipur camp. Those seven days in the camp gave me a new life. I am regularly practicing pranayam and taking your medicines. My weight has reduced, constipation has cured and there is startling improvement in the white spots. The whole credit goes to you; I thank you again and again.

Yours truly,
Ashok Jain
Ashok General and Book Store
8, Dudhiya Ganesh, Sajjangarh Rd,
Udaipur – 343002 (Rajasthan)

Relief From All The Problems

Respected Swami ji! :

I saw your program on Astha channel and become a yoga devotee. I was suffering with all sorts of problems like pain in the calf muscles, shoulders and backache. I was very lazy but now I practice Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, Brahmari, Ujjayi and Udgeet and several other asanas. These have reduced my weight and relived the pain from different parts of the body. I am feeling totally healthy and active. This was possible only because of yoga. I am grateful for everything.

Yours truly,

(Retd.) Lt. Col. R.C.Sharma
Jaipur (Rajasthan)

Yoga Cured All The Diseases

Respected Swami ji! Namaskar!

My family consists of four members and we all practice yoga from 5 am by watching television. I am 46 years old but I used to feel as 60 years old. There was severe pain in the knees, shoulders and back. I took treatment but there was no relief. Surprisingly as soon as I started practicing yoga and pranayam, the diseases were cured one after the other. I have developed, posi-tive thinking. Your teachings of love for the nation, humanity has given me a new direction in life.

Yours truly,

Dinanath Tiwari,
Jamshedpur – 831002 (Jharkhand)

Swami Ji Has Begun A War Against The Vulgarity In The Society

Respected Swami ji

You have begun a revolution in the field of yoga. Indian sages and seers have presented us the heritage of Patanjali Ashtang Yoga in order to fulfill the dream to remain healthy for 100 years through their self study and deep thinking. You have associated the young, old and children with yoga. Speaking lies, indulging in criminal activities are also diseases like cold and fever. Patanjali Yogpith’s Ashtang yoga is capable of curing all the diseases and takes us on the path of divinity. However social evils, vulgarity are at the peak, you have to blow the trumpet to remove this negative trend and bring in pure pious atmosphere. I am 65 years old and totally healthy but very unhappy with the social vulgarity.

Yours truly,

Mangesh Chandra Gupta (NDDY)
Senior Orator (Retd.)
Sati Chaina Mata mandir, Mandsor (M.P.)

Relief From Gastric Trouble And High Blood Pressure

Respected Swami Ji! Namaste! I was suffering from gastric trouble for the last 21 years. I developed this problem after stomach operation. I consulted several doctors for this, the medicines were continuing but there was no relief. I used to sit at a distance from others during meetings , as the gas used to pass with a big sound and even the belch. I was also suffering with high blood pressure for the last one year and I used allopathic medicines for the same. I used to get relief for some time and again come to the same position. The doctors advised me that high blood pressure would remain throughout the life and I would have to take precautions during the winter. The medicines were very expensive as well. I saw your CD and started practicing asana and pranayam. I went to Divya Yoga Mandir Trust’s Brahmakalp Dispensary and took some medicines. I was told to practice Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Bahya Pranayam, Anulom-vilom, Brahmari, Udgeet, Pavan mukta asana, Vajrasan, Mandookasana regularly. I am practicing asana and pranayam for the last two months and discontinued all the medicines. Your blessings and practice of asana and pranayam have relieved the problems of gas and high blood pressure.

I am regular reader of Yoga Sandesh. It is a good source of inspiration and also guides for the treatment of different problems. The whole credit goes to you. A mil- . lion thanks to you!

Yours truly,

Shyam Bahadur Prasad,
East Champaran – 845401 (Bihar)

India Will Be Known As Yoga Guru

Respected Swami Ji! Namaskar!

India will be very soon recognized as a world mentor in the whole world with your determination and Herculean efforts. In the ancient times India was known as Yoga Guru from the angle of education and knowledge. We have understood these facts from different books and today India is going to be recognized as yoga Gum, the people will hear it and watch it. Swami Ramdev you have proved your name, your dream of disease free nation will be accomplished very soon. Those who devote themselves in this mission, financially, physically and mentally will get a place in the history like the monkey army of Ramayana period. Swami Ramdev, the modern Hercules has converted the bookish knowledge into practical knowledge and brought the people closer to yoga. We offer million thanks.

Yours truly,

Madhav Chandra
Champa (Chattisgarh)

Yoga Cured Several Diseases

Respected Swami Ji Maharaj! Namaskar!

I attended your camp at Rudrapur (Uttaranchal) and have been practicing yoga and pranayam regularly. My sugar level has reduced from 385 to 116. The blood, pressure has reduced. I used to use two specs previously and now I am not using a single one. I have reduced my weight by 6 to 8 kilos. I am a totally healthy person today and organizing yoga camps, a million thanks to you.

Yours truly,

Vishvanath Gupta,
Haldwani (Uttaranchal)

Blood Pressure And Weight Have Reduced

Respected Swami Ji! Namaskar!

I am 56 years old and was suffering with blood pressure and several other diseases. I participated in the Guwahati camp. I was 69 years old, pranayam reduced it by 5 kilos and now the weight is 64 kilos. I was also a patient of high blood pressure. I got the tests done thrice in the first week of December 2005 and found that blood pressure was normal and I stopped taking medicines. Now I am healthy and fit and my health is good. Million thanks to you!

Yours truly,

Bhawani Dutt,
New Delhi-110065

Pranayam Improved Eyesight

Respected Swami Ji! Namaskar!

I am 62 years old. I had infection in the left eye around 4 years back due to which one half of the eye used to remain red. The eye used to pain when exposed to Sun. The eye specialist suggested a medicine which used to give me instant relief. The doctor also said that the infection cannot be cured completely and the eye drops have to be used at regular intervals. I am watching Astha channel for the last one and half years and practicing Kapalbhati, Anulom-vilom, Brahmari and Udgeet pranayam. This has cured my eye problem by 90 percent. My eyesight has also improved and laziness has reduced. I feel fresh and active throughout the day and developed positive attitude.

Yours truly,

Mohanlal Maheshwari,
Ahmedabad – 380054

Broken Face, Eyes And Leg Were Set Right With Yoga

Respected Swami Ji! Namaskar!

I have met with accidents four times. In the first accident my ribs broke, the second one slit my cheeks, severe cuts on my face made my face and eyes ugly. I saw your program on Astha channel and practiced asanas related to the face and eyes. This cured the ugliness of the face and eyes. My leg was fractured in the third accident but yoga cured the problem. Now I am totally healthy and teaching yoga and pranayam to people in the offices and shops.

Yours truly,

Hemant Kumar Shah
Ground Floor, Chalasur, Bangalore

Other Letters:

– Balvir Singh Chandi from Patiala has organized 37 free yoga camps till date. He organizes these camps in the Bhadson village of Patiala district from 4.30 a.m. to 6.00 a.m. everyday. He organizes the train-
ing centres in the name of Patanjali Yogpith Hardwar. Several people participating in these seven days camps have been cured from several diseases and practicing yoga regularly.

– 35 year old Mahindrapal has been relieved from knee pain. He took medicines from different places but in vain. Regular practice of yoga and pranayam cured the knee pain and double chin problem was also cured. He has stopped taking medicines.

– Sher Singh from Bhadson village has also been relieved from pain. He was suffering from severe pain for the past five years.

– Similarly 65 year old Rajendra Kaur from Bhadson village was a diabetic patient with sugar levels of 270-275. Regular yoga practice has brought down the sugar level to 172. High blood pressure problem has also been cured. His health condition was very poor due to diabetes.

– Harmesh Lai’s stomach nerves were suppressed due to scooter accident and used to suffer severe pain. He used to pass bowels immediately after eating food. Regular practice of yoga has cured tonsils, joint pain and allergy.

– 65 year old Madanlal has been relieved from stomach diseases and knee pain.

– Govind Singh has been cured from Asthma and several other diseases. He took several medicines and was totally disappointed from life. But when he began the practice of yoga and pranayam, the diseases were getting cured one by one. Today he is healthy without taking any medicines.

– Mangelal and Ravindra Kaur also received several benefits from yoga.

– 77 year old Kulvant Kaur and 45 year old Rajindra Pal Singh got lot of improvement within seven days practice.

– Sujan Singh got relief from constipation and sugar. Kashmira Singh also noticed good improvement in the seven days camp.

– 70 year old Saroop Singh was relieved from several health problems.

– 65 year old Ranjit Kaur was suffering from high blood pressure, knee pain, and blockage. Amrit Singh has been relieved from palpitation and Jasvir has got relief from knee pain.

– Yoga teacher from Subhashnagar, New Delhi has informed us that he has taught yoga and pranayam to people in the camps and everybody has been benefited. Today they are all disease free.

– 68 year old Daryab Singh was a patient of diabetes for the last 21 years. He started practicing pranayam and he lost 10 kilos of weight and the insulin has also reduced. He now enjoys good health.

– 77 year old Rajendra Prasad Sharma was suffering from knee pain; it was difficult for him to walk. He practiced pranayam and other light exercises, now he can walk and is able to carry on with his daily activities.

– Sushila Devi (60), Jayanti Devi (70) are suffering from knee and joint pain for the last several years. Light exercises and pranayam proved to be beneficial. Lot of people suffering from various diseases attended the camps and now they are enjoying a sound health.