My dear brother Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj I am Ismail Mahmud Patel from London, U.K. I originally belong to village Kaphalena of Surat in the state of Gujarat. I am working in London from 1976. I congratulate you whole-heartedly for the research done on pranayam and curing hundreds and thousands of people from serious diseases that too without charging a single penny.

The whole world would gain from this pranayam. May God bless you with all the wealth of the world and with all the success. Amin.

My dear brother, you and I have the same mission, the way you are serving the God’s people I am also serving them I will continue with this mission till I breathe my last. I will definitely meet you one day and I guide people with simple remedies and also teach them acupressure. I want to give a message to my Muslim friends that but I am facing lot of problems in giving them a message because people are just talking about Koran and its teachings and practice only things of their interest. When I try to explain the teachings of Koran to my Muslim friends and relatives they get annoyed with me and break the relations, however I do not bother about them, and one day I will contact through television media channels and give the message of Koran karim. Then all the Muslim friends will desire to kill me because they have forgotten about Koran Karim and are being mislead. I believe that everything in this world has a guidebook, in the same way Koran is the guidebook for Islam. One should follow all the rules and regulations mentioned in the book. Koran says that walk on the path of truth and honesty and you will never be misled. It also says that if you forget Koran and follow other non-Islam books then you will lose the track. Quran says that the Muslims should catch hold of the string of this book and should not allow any divisions. This behaviour is considered to be wrong and a sin in Islam.

Today we can see that there are so many divisions in Islam – Shia, Sunni, Udale Hadis, Dev Bandi, Vahabi, and salphi, Barlebi, Kadyani etc. etc. Allah says that all the people should be united. Today all the people following different religions are walking on the back track. Allah says in Quran that if a person kills another person, it is the murder of the humanity. On the other hand if a person saves the life of another person then it is equal to serving the life of humanity. Allah has lot many thinks for the mankind, for the humanity and mentioned many rules. But we are hiding ourselves in the veil of ignorance. I will pass the message of Allah till I go to the grave, whatever be the difficulties and obstructions might arise in my way. I am determined to this even at the cost of my life I will not deter from my way. My dear brother I am an honest person walking on the path of truth and righteousness and would never leave this path. I am ready to sacrifice my life for this mission, no body can stop me from this mission. Swami Ji, you and I are of the same type, I watch your program everyday and practice yoga and pranayam for two hours everyday. My blood sugar and blood pressure now normal. I was also allergic to a few things, which has been cured. I am grateful to you, that God sent you to cure people with yoga and pranayam. When I watch you on Astha channel and listen to your discourses on right and wrong things, I feel as if am talking all these things. You and I have the same feelings and thoughts, I am also teaching yoga and pranayam to people. I am alone in this world, there is nobody to cry for me. I would definitely meet you one day. I want to talk to you over phone and share many things. Please give me your contact number, I will be thankful to you. Please excuse me for nay mistakes in the letter.

Summamin. Ismail. M. Patel
Dalston, London