A person with weak body and mind and having some king of phobia suffer from fits. Sudden loss in some part of the brain leads to loss of control on nervous system of the brain, which leads to mental disturbance and unconsciousness. This condition is known as fits.

The patient comes to know beforehand and he or she tries to go to some secure place. Sometimes the patient also suffers from sudden attacks and becomes unconscious. The muscles become stiff and the body becomes pale. This condition remains for half to one minute and there is severe stress in the body.

The patient starts biting teeth and pinches eyes and face. Sometimes the patient bites his or her tongue and passes urine involuntarily. This condition remains for sometimes and then to consciousness gets regained gradually. The patient gets tired and sleeps after coming back to sense. The attack repeats after several days, months or years. It is hereditary and is passed on to the children from parents. It has been noticed that fits attacks are experienced when the patient suffers from germs in intestines.

Nature cure

The best methods to prevent this disease are to clean the stomach, improve the digestion process and strengthen the nervous system. Fits cannot be treated with medicines; nature cure and Yog practice are ideal to treat it. Take enema to clean the stomach. Take a glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice and honey for relief. Hot-cold fomentation on stomach for 20 minutes or hot fomentation for five minutes followed by cold bandage for 30 minutes and again in the evening givehot fomentation on spine and keep a wet towel (soaked in cold water) for 15 minutes. Cover the whole body and lie down on stomach. Keep the feet in hot water.

Take fresh water for sometime. This reduces the possibility of fits.

Take rest for sometime after fit, wash the head with cold water and wipe the body gently.

Practice Neti daily and pour a few drops of lukewarm clarified butter in the nostrils, see that it reaches the throat. Pour a few drops in ears for special relief.

Yogic cure

Practice Surya Namaskar for overcoming this problem. It strengthens the whole body and is a complete exercise. It strengthens each and every body part and keeps it disease free. It helps in proper blood circulation in the whole body, purifies blood and overcomes skin ailments. It strengthens the body muscles and makes them attractive. It gives peace of mind, brightness and natural glow. It improves the functioning of lungs, stomach, and heart. Vajrasana is a meditative pose and is the best asana for the fits patients. Regular practice overcomes playfulness of the mind and can be practiced after meals to overcome indigestion, acidity, gastric trouble, constipation etc.

Regular practice of Ushtrasana gives lot of relief to fits patients. It cures the problem naturally and is also beneficial for the respiratory system. It cures thyroid problem, and all spine related problems.

Suptavajrasana is also beneficial for these patients. It activates the large intestine and overcomes constipation. It balances the navel.

Bhujangasana is very beneficial for fits patients. It makes the spine healthy and overcomes gastric trouble. It strengthens the nerves.

Halasana is also beneficial for these patients. It makes the spine healthy and flexible. It expands the muscles and keeps them disease free. It overcomes the disorders of thyroid glands, indigestion, low digestive fire, gastric trouble, constipation, and liver problems.

Halasana improves the functioning of heart and activates the pancreas. It also controls sugar level, overcomes menstrual disorders and cures fits problem.

Makarasana is the best exercise for these patients.

It is also beneficial for patients of cervical, slip disc and sciatica pain. It overcomes disorders of lungs and cures asthma. It relieves knee pain.

Matsyasana is ideal for fits patients; it has a positive affect on fits patients. It activates the intestines, removes constipation. It improves functioning of the thyroid glands and adrenalin. It is beneficial if the bone at the back of the neck is enlarged. It maintains navel balance and overcomes asthma and other lung disorders.

Hastapodottanasana is also beneficial for patients of fits.

Pranayam : Pranayam gives internal strength to the body and fills vital life energy in it.

Shitali pranayam : This pranayam is ideal for patients of fits. It controls high blood pressure, pitta related problems, and it purifies blood, and overcomes diseases of mouth, tongue and throat. It cures diseases of stomach, liver and controls fever and indigestion.

Sitkari pranayam cures pyorrhea, diseases of throat, mouth, nose and tongue. It makes the body cool and overcomes sleeplessness. It is also beneficial for patients of high blood pressure.

Nadi shodhan is very beneficial for fits patients. Regular practice of this pranayam purifies all the nerves of the body, makes the body healthy, bright and strong. It overcomes joint pain, arthritis, gout, Parkinson’s, nervous weakness and other vata diseases, urinary disease, humour related problems, acidity, cold, catarrh, chronic cold, sinusitis, asthma, tonsillitis and other kapha problems. Increase the duration of Kumbhak whilepracticing Nadi shodhan as it strengthens the nervous system.

All these yogic actions should be practiced for 10 minutes and Yog nidra for 20 minutes. It has a positive affect on mind and body and helps in relaxation. It overcomes mental stress, high blood pressure, heart disease and sleeplessness. It overcomes nervous weakness, tiredness and negative thinking. It is beneficialfor patients of fits and gives complete rest to the body, mind, brain, and soul; it makes the person strong, enthusiastic and happy. It develops concentration.


Raw vegetable juice, salad, sprouts, should be taken with a pinch of salt, take milk, fruits, raisins and dry raisins.

Take vegetable juice, fruit juice four to six times during the first week. Take 40 raisins, six to eight dry raisins, and one fig twice daily. Drink milk twice or thrice daily. Start taking sprouts, kidney beans and other pulses once or twice after two weeks.

Take sprouted kidney beans for breakfast, take milk with raisins, light lunch and some fruit and milk at night. Take vegetable or fruit juice in between if necessary.

Medicinal cure

Grind Bacha and sieve with cloth, take two gram with a little bit of honey at bedtime.

Grind 30 gm black sesame and ten gram garlic and take for some days.

Mix 40 gm Shankhpushpi juice and add four gram of Koot churna. Mix with honey and lick.

Mix four to five small neem buds, four gram Ajowan and three gram black salt in water and take for relief.

Grind two gram Tagar in cold water and take it regularly for one month. Squeeze the juice of half lemon in five-gram cucumber juice and drink for relief.