Black circles have become one of the major problems for the people these days and it also affects the overall appearance of the people. This problem occurs when the muscles of the eyes are over strained. One can get rid of this problem with the practice of yoga and maintaining proper daily routine. Yogasanas are the best-proven methods.

Asanas help in the blood circulation to the face, eyes and mind. The man becomes disease free and also can get rid of ugly dark circles. One can get rid of these black circles by practicing Viparitakarni, Hastpadotasana, Sambhavi Mudra and Suryanamaskara.

Hastapodottanasana: Stand with feet apart measuring one feet and stretch both the hands straight upward. Start bending slowly and see that you touch the ground with your palms and also make sure your forehead is touching your knees. Stand in this position as per capacity and come back to the original position slowly. Patients with high blood pressure, spondalitis and heart disease should not practice this asana. They can practice Trikonasana or Vajrasana. One thing should be kept in mind at the time of practicing these asanas, do not do it forcibly if you are not able to do them.

Practice the other asanas, which involve upward movement of legs or pushing upwards only after practicing this asana. This problem occurs due to untimely meals, irregular sleeping habits, smoking and improper daily routine or when a person is sick. A person can get rid of this problem through pranayam. Kapalbhati, Suryabhedi, Nadi shodhan pranayam are beneficial in removing the black circles.

This problem occurs psychologically also. When one is surrounded with many problems, does not sleep well or is suffering from insomnia he or she can get dark circles below the eyes. One can get rid of these problems through yoga, sleep and medication.

People suffering with this problem should take green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits, natural balanced and vegetarian food, which will be beneficiary. Chapattis mixed with green gram should be consumed and appropriate quantity of water should be consumed. Liquor, gutka, tobacco and cigarette should not be used. God has given these eyes to do good things so it’s our duty to keep them beautiful and healthy.