Cow’s milk is full of medicinal value and has been given lot of importance since ancient times in India. It is a good food supplement for the human body. It is a wonderful food supplement, because it contains, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, fats, enzymes and iron. It is transparent due to protein and calcium content. This is a complete food for the human beings. Doctors’ advice people of all age groups to drink milk because of the following qualities.

1 Milk contains sugar-lactose.

2 Sugar lactose is very essential for the development of nervous system and intelligence.

3 Carbohydrates are essential for producing energy sufficient to do all the physical activities.

4 Iron is essential for the red blood cells and strength

5 Calcium and Phosphorus are helpful in making the teeth and bones strong.

6 Vitamin ‘A’ helps in improving eyesight and keeps the skin healthy and is also beneficial in case of Parkinson’s.

7 Vitamin ‘B’ is essential for the nervous system and development of body.

8 Vitamin ‘C’ helps in developing the immune system to save from diseases.

9 Vitamin ‘D’ protects from diseases like dropsy and dryness.


1 Before going to bed at night 1 cup of milk should be consumed, new blood is formed and removes any poisonous elements present in the body.

2 Luke warm milk consumed in the morning helps in good digestion.

3 Add sugar-candy and pepper powder in hot milk to overcome cold.

4 It contains least cholesterol (14mg/100gms), due to which it is recommended for diabetic patients also.

5 A person with high blood pressure is advised to take 200 mg of milk every day.

6 It is an ideal drink for people suffering with peptic ulcer. Add spoonful gram powder (coarse or sattu) in 50 ml cold milk and drink.

7 Milk gives noble thoughts, purity of mind and develops intelligence.