Improper cleaning of teeth and mouth leads to many problems like – swelling of gums, bad breath, pyorrhea, tooth decay, excess saliva formation etc. It also affects the health and physical appearance. Let us now find solutions for the mouth and teeth related problems.


Main reason for pyorrhea is unclean mouth and teeth. The bacteria are formed because of it and cause infection in the gums. The gums swell and they become red in colour and start bleeding and paining after sometime.

The person suffering with pyorrhea suffers from improper bowel movement and slowly his digestion process also gets affected. It leads to constipation and dental problem. Sometimes pus starts coming from the roots because of which the other organs are also affected.

Yogic cure : Pranayam is very beneficial for pyorrhea. Practice Shitali and Sitkari pranayam regularly. Along with this some natural medication is also necessary.

Natural cure : Pyorrhea occurs due to unclean mouth and teeth. To keep the teeth clean one has to brush them upwards to downwards or move the brush in circular motion for at least two or three minutes. Brushing the teeth is very essential before going to bed. After brushing one should take hot water with salt or alum and mouth wash.

• Neem or acacia sticks should be chewed properly in order to prevent pyorrhea. The juice of neem or acacia have the anti-bacteria affect and very beneficial in case of pyorrhea.

• Rock salt should be finely grinded and sieved using a cloth. Take two gm of rock salt and four times of mustard oil. Mix it well and with the help of the fingerapply it on the gums and give a slow massage.

Do not bother if it bleeds. For some time massage with the salted oil and apply the left over salt on the teeth and gums and rub them. Rinse the mouth with fresh water. The swelling of the gums is reduced.

The hot and cold feeling in the teeth is also reduced.

• The leaves of Mehndi should be boiled in water and used to rinse mouth in order to overcome the swelling of gums.

• Decoction should be made from the skin of the acacia tree and when used as mouth wash swelling of the gums and pain is relieved. Apply alum on gums to make them strong.

• To get immediate relief from pain take ginger and salt, grind it and apply on the gums.

• Put lemon juice in fresh water and use it as mouthwash, swelling in the gums and bad breath will be relieved.

• Every day morning and evening you should massage castor oil with camphor, this will help in preventing swelling and pain in teeth.

• Take sesame in the mouth for 10-15 minutes and gargle, you will get relief from pyorrhea and weak teeth will become strong.

• Make a paste of salt and acacia and apply on the teeth, brush teeth with mustard oil mixed with salt, this will help in pyorrhea.

• Lemon juice when rubbed on gums gives relief in case of bleeding of the gums.

• Keep teeth healthy to save from pyorrhea. Hot drinks like tea, coffee and cold drinks like ice cream, kulfi and ice should not be consumed after consuming hot food avoid drinking cold drinks.

• Rinse the mouth thoroughly after meals or eating anything. People who chew the food properly always have strong teeth. Soaked black gram, coconut scrap, raw fruits, chewing sugarcane is a good exercise for teeth.


Indigestion, constipation phlegm, tooth decay and pyorrhea are some of the reasons for bad breath.

Yogic cure : To stop bad breath it is very essential that all the parts of the mouth must be cleaned properly. If the constipation and indigestion persists then practice Uttanapadasana, Suptavajrasana, Pavanmuktasana, Bhujangasana, Katichakrasana, and Mandookasana regularly. Remember that these asanas should be practiced as per individual capacity or capability. Kapalbhati, Nadi shodhan, Bhastrika, Ujjayi pranayam should be practiced regularly. It will cure the problems permanently.

Natural cure : Along with yoga you can also follow some natural ways of medication.

• The skin of pomegranate when boiled in water and gargled will give relief in mouth ulcers and bad breath.

• Dry coriander can be chewed thoroughly for bad breath.

• To clean the mouth and stop bad breath, take two spoons of mustard oil and salt and put it in the mouth,= pass it from one end to the other, keep spitting the saliva after some time the mouth is cleaned and bad breath stops.

• Once in a day take lukewarm water in a glass and put spoonful ginger juice and spoonful lemon juice and gargle. It helps in bad breath.

• Chew aniseeds after meals.

• Keep the mouth and teeth always clean. Brush for at least 10 minutes thoroughly.

• After meals chew one clove, this also helps in bad breath and keeps the teeth healthy.


Main reason for tooth decay is consumption of sugar and sweets. Teeth decay in children is caused due to excess intake of sweets, toffee, chocolates and biscuits.proper medication is not given for teeth then there is pus formation in the roots of teeth, formation of tumor, decay of jaws. Black spots appear on the teeth initially and this continues forming cavities later.

Natural cure

• After consuming sweets gargle mouth thoroughly so that there are no remains of sweets.

• Boil asafotida in water and wash the mouth Apply asafetida to the molars, this will help in killing of the germs and also relieve pain.

• To get relief from tooth decay, pain and kill the germs in the teeth keep nutmeg in the teeth.

• If the teeth are not strong then apply rock salt and mustard oil on the teeth in the morning and evening after meals.

• 10 gm of clove and one gram of rock salt should be grinded and applied on the teeth, this will strengthen the teeth.

• To strengthen the teeth, add 25 gm of geru add 250 gm of white alum, grind it finely and brush in the morning and evening.

• Add guava leaves in one litre of water and make decoction. The essence of the leaves should come in the water and the water should become as thick as milk. Rinse the mouth with this decoction for immediate relief from toothache.

• Chewing basil and jasmine leaves also gives relief from toothache.


Mouth ulcers are caused due to constipation or due to heat in the stomach. To avoid constipation practice Suptavajrasana, Ardhamatysendrasana, Halasana, Sarvangasana, Pavanmuktasana, Vajrasana, and Bhujangasana regularly. This helps in gastric problems, indigestion, constipation due to which the problems related to stomach are solved. In pranayam, Kapalbhati, uddiyan bandh, Nadi shodhan, Agnisar kriya should be practiced. Natural cure

• First of all take spoonful of Triphala churna in the night before going to bed with hot water or hot milk. This cleans the stomach the next morning and removes the heat in the stomach.

• Tender leaves of black plum when grinded and mixed with water and gargled gives relief from mouth ulcers.

• Mix turmeric powder in water and leave it for two to three hours. Gargle with this water. You will get relief from mouth ulcers.

• Boil plum leaves in water. Make decoction and gargle. You will get immediate relief from mouth ulcers.

• To get relief from mouth ulcers, roast alum and add in glycerin, with the help of cotton apply on the mouthulcers and spit the saliva, or just apply glycerin and spit the saliva. You will get immediate relief and within two or three days the ulcers are also healed.

• Take the skin of neem and burn them, grind it with white catechu and apply in the mouth to heal the mouth ulcers.

• Add alum in lukewarm water and gargle to give relief from mouth ulcers.

• Mix catechu in water and apply a thick paste on the ulcers, and throw the saliva, you will get relief.

• Add banana in cow milk and eat it, it will give relief from mouth ulcers.

• Tender leaves of arhar when chewed also give relief in mouth ulcers.