The skin growths that look unpleasant, but don’t hurt, are called warts. Usually, middle aged people have them because they form on damaged, broken, calloused skin, mostly on feet and hands/fingers. This occurs because that virus which causes them enters the first skin layer especially if there is a cut or a scratch.

These warts are benign, as doctors state, in other words benign tumor to a connective tissue of any kind. People use different terms like ‘small nodules’. Warts get the size from few millimeters to a whole centimeter

These growths have the exact same skin color as you have and they have a color lighter or darker but rarely. The good thing is they are not high-risk malignant, but they tend to grow bigger which is only a bigger aesthetic issue, not a health one.


Middle age people have them the most, usually when some skin is connected to other skin area like neck, groin, armpits, stomach, eyelids, etc. But they can appear anywhere in the body as well.

But, warts are not completely safe. They can cause problems like soreness, inflammation; they can grow bigger and start to even bleed!

Even scientists cannot explain the origin of wart causing, but genes and obesity are most likely the reasons.

If you happen to notice such a growth, do not panic, just get this ingredient: APPLE CIDER VINEGAR.

Even professionals and experts agree that the ACV is a miracle home cure for many things, even warts.

Do Not Use the Vinegar To Remove Warts On the  Eyelids Or Eyes Area.

Read Below the Details:


Clean gently the affected skin area. Use gentle, mild soap and water only. Try to soak the wart for maybe 15-20 minutes or just soak a cotton ball and dab it on the wart.

Touch with clean towel and pad it until dry.

Next you need to do: get a cotton ball and dip it in the vinegar, of course squeeze out if there is too much vinegar. Place the cotton on the wart and tighten it with bandage or gauze, or both. After 15 minutes, remove this and rinse off.

If you do this whole process 3 times daily for a few days or a whole week, you’ll notice darkening of warts and drying off. Their crust will fall off gently, which is a healing sign.

There is a possibility of damage, depending on the size and shape of the wart, as well as the depth of it. If you notice unpleasantness or damage, use marigold ointment or Aloe Vera to soothe it.

Don’t worry if the wart is on the first skin layer, it will not leave a scar at all, but just if this treatment is done step by step properly.