Without getting a good night’s rest, you increase the risk of depression, sickness, weakness, low energy and hypertension. Sleep plays a crucial role in good health and wellbeing. Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout life. If you get enough quality sleep at the right time, it can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety.

During sleep, your body performs activities to support brain function and maintain your physical health. In children and teens, sleep also helps in their growth and healthy psychological and physical development.

The deficit of quality sleep can increase the risk of some chronic health problems. It also can affect the quality of thinking, concentration, reaction, working, learning, and social life.


According to the Institute of Medicine in America, more than 50 million Americans experience sleep problems or suffer from sleep deprivation.

If you have any trouble sleeping, you should definitely try this homemade Banana-Cinnamon drink, one hour before going to bed!

Why Banana and Cinnamon?

Its main ingredients are bananas and cinnamon. Banana, as it is highly effective against insomnia and is also loaded in amino acids by the name tryptophan that raises the serotonin level, which regulates sleep patterns. Moreover, it improves the mood and controls the appetite. It is high in potassium, iron, and calcium, minerals that help with sleeping issues. While cinnamon is rich in essential oils like eugenol, phenylpropanoids that are chemical compounds and responsible for its sweet and aromatic scent. This is the perfect ingredient because it will improve the taste and will help your body relax. Moreover, it will help with blood circulation and digestion which also affect the sleep.


One liter of water
One raw banana
Pinch of cinnamon


Boil the water. Cut of the ends of the banana and add it in the water. Leave them to boil for about 10 minutes. Pour this water into a teacup or through a colander. Add small amount of cinnamon if you like it. Drink this one hour before going to bed.

The poor sleep is an indication of mineral deficiencies, anxiety or poor eating routine. Some chemical medicines bought from pharmacies may help you, but they will not resolve the problem.

If you manage to reduce your anxiety level and exercise regularly you will have better sleep for sure.

Source: stayonthehealthypath.com