Sunlight provides tremendous protection from all types of diseases. A healthy lifestyle is essential with a nutritious diet. The exposure to ultraviolet light is impressive and the ideal healing methods. Getting attracted to the sun is instinct to cleanse and heal through the sunlight power. Our cells get the required oxygen and glucose from the sun.

Recent studies also prove that exposing patients to sunlight in controlled amounts is helpful in reducing the elevated blood pressure, thereby decreasing the cholesterol in the blood stream. There are increased white blood cells and the blood sugar levels get stabilized such that they resist disease and infection.


Details of the Healing Power of Sunlight

The therapeutic role of sunlight in health improvement is related to the diseases and variety of illnesses.

  • Sunlight improves immunity by stimulating the immune system activity
  • Sunlight helps healing various skin ulcers and bed sores
  • Exposure of sunlight on chest or back helps in respiratory infections recovery such as pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis.
  • Sunlight is a disinfectant. The sunlight ultraviolet rays kill bacteria and viruses. Exposure to sunlight and fresh air is helpful especially to people living in narrow, dark conditions.
  • Sunlight oxygenates and purifies the blood
  • Sunlight helps in breaking down and also in eliminating uric acid that the concentration is low in the blood and the gout symptoms is alleviated.
  • Sunlight helps in controlling blood sugar and blood pressure
  • Sunlight assists arthritis treatment and this includes rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sunbathing is appropriate in treating obesity and stimulates thyroid gland that regulates metabolism.
  • Sunlight helps cure peptic ulcers
  • Sunlight reverse plaque formation and the blood cholesterol levels are reduced. The formation of plaque in the arteries is reduced, eliminating the risk of a stroke.
  • Regular exposure to sunlight reduces the number of cancers in people and animals
  • Sunlight decreases free radicals formation that are associated to aging
  • Sun exposure to 15 minutes every day is recommended.

Health Benefits of Sun Light

  • Sunshine is different as it gives vitamin D. It influences the entire body and this vitamin D has a great impact on your bones to your brain. It can have an impact on diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple schlerosis.
  • Avert cancer by taking more of your Vitamin D available levels. The number of cancers that can be averted include breast, lung, pancreatic, colon, prostate and ovarian cancers.
  • Exposing to sunlight improves the vision of your eyes. You cannot look at the sun directly, but can see in the direction of the sun for a short time without sunglasses. The sunglasses block the energy from the sun, so it is recommended to see without contact lenses or sunglasses so that the vision is improved.
  • Promotes moods to a great extent. It raises our spirits in the long winter months or even on dreary days. This is the light therapy that is useful.

Sunlight is known for centuries to cure many ailments and is effective in healing in case of acne as it has the ultraviolet rays present. It has an anti-bacterial effect that is favorable in curing the blemishes. Artificial ultraviolet rays are not effective.

Tips to Increase Sun Exposure

You can benefit from the exposure to sun, but cannot be outdoors for a longer time. Here are some tips to increase sun exposure:

  • Having windows in glass so that it allows uv light to enter the room
  • Keep the curtains pushed so that there is maximum sun exposure
  • Many windows is the best to get sun exposure
  • Keep the windows open at most times, depending on the season
  • Install spectrum lights as much as possible.

People living in a moderate climate may regularly have sunbathed. It is ideal to avoid the sun during summer between 10.00 a.m. and 3.00 p.m., whereas in winter, spring, and fall, the time between 10 and 3pm is absolute. During winter, if you are in a wind protected place, you can sunbathe. You can build a sunbathing area facing the sun. The sidewalls may serve as a good windbreak, while the wall may face the sun at an angle inclined toward the sun. Lying on a blanket is recommended. Another practical way is to open a window when there is no breeze. In case, for some reason you are exposed to the sun, you may apply olive oil, coconut oil or Aloe Vera gel.


For best benefits take a shower before sunbathing. Expose your body only for few minutes initially and only with practice increase the time for a few more minutes such that you have sunlight exposure for 20-30 minutes. Per week walking for 40-60 minutes in the sunlight also ensures same benefits. Your body and mind will stay healthy with proper power of sunlight and will have effective healing advantages. It will incorporate the balanced diet, daily routine and proper lifestyle as it stores vitamin D in your body to some amount to last 4-6 weeks and is also good to recharge this vitamin whenever possible, but avoid direct sunlight exposure. Also keep away from tanning beds, sunlamps and tanning booths. The tanning bed increases the melanomas before age 35 and there is a link relating the skin cancer. Even the tanning equipments are not useful as they emit powerful electromagnetic fields that cause the growth of cancer. The UVA high concentration plays a vital role, yet anything done with caution mind or alertness is best and beneficial.

The sunrays offer an array of benefits for plants, animals, humans and other creatures. It has enormous therapeutic powers and hence is worshipped in many cultures. Nowadays, many avoid sun exposure fearing premature aging and skin cancer, but these happen when there is excess sun exposure. So, minimal sunlight or exposure to sun is a must. Taking sun exposure in average levels in the morning assures bundle of health advantages, right form regulating bodily processes to elevating moods and keeping in balance.