Headache is a simple problem but it occurs due to various reasons. Normally people take tablets to relieve headaches without finding out the cause. This habit gradually becomes the cause of major health problems.

Why does Headache Occur?

First and foremost we should find out if headaches are the symptom of any disease developing in the body. Women are generally more prone to headaches than men. Sometimes they complain of headache when menstrual flow stops due to cold. Besides this, constipation, indigestion, vayu complaints, anemia, excessive labour, mental stress, staying up till late hours, etc., are some other reasons which cause headache.

When blood gets infected due to malaria, meningitis, pneumonia, stomach or liver diseases it could also cause headache. In case of sleeplessness, heart disease and other reasons, the blood does not reach the brain sufficiently and could lead to headache. Many people also suffer from migraines. Headache sometimes can also be the beginning of nervous disorders developing in the body.

You must have noticed that headaches are the symptom of many diseases. In case of persistent headache, a natural and yogic cure can be helpful because they relieve the root problem through a natural cure.

Daily Routine Practices to Relieve Headache:

Dip the feet in hot water for 20 minutes. Then take bath with fresh water and scrub the body nicely. Practice Yoga Mudra for 30 minutes. This is very beneficial.

Take one spoon of Triphala churna with hot water at bedtime for proper bowel movement.

Practice Yoga to Relieve Headache:

Wake up early in the morning and go for a morning walk, then practice Yoga and pranayam as follows.

Yogasana: Practice Paschimottasana for two to three minutes. The duration can be increased gradually. Do it on an empty stomach and without jerks. In case of liver and spleen enlargement, swelling in intestines or appendicitis or diseases of stomach do not practice this asana. Generally, vayu related disease, diabetes, urinary disease, discharge, night pollution, indigestion, low digestive fire, constipation, arthritis, pain in the legs, etc., are relieved completely by practice of this asana. It is also a sure shot remedy for obesity, sciatica, piles, backache etc.

Dhanurasana: It makes the spine flexible and healthy. It prevents shifting of navel and menstrual related disorders. It strengthens the kidneys and urinary disorders. It is also beneficial in case of bedwetting.

Uttanapadasana: Both men and women can do this asana. It is beneficial like Sarvangasana and helps reduce weight. It should be practiced after child delivery to reduce fat from the stomach. It prevents hernia and discomfort. It overcomes palpitation, heartbeat and other problems. It cures several diseases like loose motions, constipation, bleeding motions, intestine enlargement, stomachache, constipation, pain in legs, lung disorders, cough and other diseases.

Ushtrasana: It is beneficial for the respiratory system. It activates the lungs and overcomes diseases like cervical spondalitis, sciatica and other spinal problems. It is beneficial in case of thyroid problems and strengthens the nerves.

Halasana: It makes the spine healthy and flexible and keeps the muscles disease free. It activates the thyroid gland and reduces obesity and weakness. It is beneficial in case of indigestion, low digestive fire, gastric trouble, and constipation, enlargement of liver and spleen and heart disease.

Also practice of Makarasana, Sarvangasana and Matsyasana has a positive overall impact on the body.

Pranayama: Kapalbhati pranayama should be practiced regularly. It overcomes all stomach related problems and headache. Shitali and Nadi shodhan pranayama are also beneficial.

Natural Medicinal Cures for Headache:

Apply salt on an apple and eat it early in the morning, drink lukewarm water and after sometime drink lukewarm milk. This overcomes headache.

Peel one or two garlic pods and chew them. This relieves headache after a few minutes.

In case of headache due to cold and catarah, prepare kwath with whole coriander and sugar candy and eat once or twice.

If headache is due to gastric trouble or giddiness then drink lukewarm lemon juice.

Close the nostril with which the breathing is taking place and apply rapeseed oil in the other nostril. Breath slowly to relieves headache.

In case of normal headache, grind cinnamon and apply on forehead for relief.

In case of headache due to catarrh, keep both the feet in hot water for relief.

In case of chronic headache, grind almond kernel and roast in clarified butter. Mix in hot water and eat. This relieves chronic headache.

In case of headache caused due to cold, grind one gram hemp and two cloves and heat the paste. Apply on forehead for relief.

Crush bottle gourd pulp and apply on forehead. This overcomes headache caused due to heat within one hour.

Soak dry myrobalan in rapeseed oil for ten days. This oil is very beneficial in case of headache.

Mix powdered cardamom in a glassful of milk and drink to relieve headache.

Eat jalebi soaked in milk in the morning to relieve normal headache.

Grind 11 wood apple (bilva) leaves and extract the juice. Drink this juice during winters without mixing anything and in summers add a little bit of water. This medicine relieves chronic headache. This gives relief within three to four days.

Pour two to four drops of clarified butter (ghee) made with cow milk in the nostirl, and also smell it to relieve headache. Pouring a few drops in the nostril cures the problem permanently. Use this remedy for a week.

Grind six gram each of dry myrobalan and coriander. Soak 250 gm in a ceramic bowl at night. Crush it nicely the next morning and add one or two spoons of sugar candy powder. Drink it for three to four days to relieve headache, giddiness, etc. It also overcomes giddiness caused due to heat and blurred vision due to weakness or heat. It is beneficial in case of migraine also. Use it for eight to ten days.

Diet to Relieve Headache:

Fruit diet and milk is the best diet for a patient with headache. Take fruits and vegetable juice for the first week. Take milk additionally. Take two spoons of myrobalan juice with half a of spoon honey.

After one week – take lemon juice, lemon juice with honey or myrobalan juice with honey between 6 and 7 a.m.

Take fruit juice or carrot juice at 8 a.m. Take seven to eight raisins, dry dates, figs, and almond kernels. Along with cardamom, take one glass milk boiled with ginger. Take fruit juices or fruits at 12 noon. Take salad, vegetables, green leafy vegetables, curd and chapatti.

Take fruit in the evening around 5 p.m. and fruit along with vegetable soup at 7 p.m.

Take two spoons of soup at 9 p.m.

At 9 pm. take two spoons of clarified butter (ghee), 7 to 8 almonds, a little bit of poppy seeds, small cardamom, three to four black peppers and grind in mixer. Add a little bit of water. Roast in a little bit of clarified butter (ghee) and boil it in 200 ml milk. Take it at bedtime. This relieves stress and helps in enjoying sound sleep.