Human body is the most invaluable gift of god and it is our duty to keep it healthy, as this is the basis of a healthy life. A healthy body requires a balanced navel center. The navel is situated at the center line in the middle of the body. According to Yogic science there are nine openings in the body, out of which three openings are important.

Among these chakras or centers, navel has a place in the Manipur chakra or solar plexus. The network of all the main nerves of the body get accumulated at three places, they are brain, heart and navel. Out of these navel is the most important. It circulates energy to the entire body. As per some experts navel is also known as the second brain of our body. Human life and navel: Navel plays an important role in the development, circulation and control of human life. The navel center remains active and alert right from the time of conception (inside mother’s womb) to the last breath of the person.

At the time of death the heart stops beating immediately but the navel co tinues to vibrate up to five to six minutes even after death. If an experienced person is able to establish contact between vital life energy of navel and heart then there is a chance of saving one’s life. It is the navel center of the infant that develops first inside the mother’s womb. Our ancestral energy circulates inside navel, which plays an important role in the growth of our body just like a tree that grows from a seed. The nutritional elements are supplied to the child growinginside the mother’s womb through navel. After the birth of child the umbilical cord connecting the mother and child (at navel) is separated in order to give independence to the child and help him in beginning his or her new life.

The first breath after birth is extremely important. The position of planets and stars in the zodiac at the time of birth helps the astrologers in predicting the future of the newborn child. If due to negligence or otherwise there is a delay in separating the umbilical cord or if the child does not cry after cutting he cord, then the child could suffer from some kind of handicap. Reasons for imbalance of navel: It is difficult to mention the exact reasons for imbalance of navel. There is no specific reason for it; in fact there are various reasons.

However there are some important reasons, which are directly related to navel. Out of these, one reason is the fear arising inside the human brain, which directly affects the navel. For example, if a person comes across a lion or some wild animal, it develops fear inside the person and his or her navel will get imbalanced. In other words, navel is also known as the center of fear. Whenever an individual experiences fear due to any reason, the first reaction comes from this point. You must have noticed that some people drink water frequently or have the urge to urinate or pass stools when they are afraid. This is due to activeness of navel. There is a strong relationship between navel and brain.

As the man is becoming more and more modern and materialistic the stress is also increasing, which causes the navel imbalance. Besides there are several other reasons for this imbalance, like lifting heavy weights while playing, eating very spicy food, when the person loses control while walking due to some obstruction or holes on the road, or some physical action, which is done carelessly.

Symptoms of unhealthy navel center:

If the navel is not healthy the person loses the natural glow, the face looks pale, dark spots, pigmentation marks and dark circles are seen on the face. The physical energy reduces and the person feels weak.

A healthy navel produces semen and makes the nerves, muscles active. Unhealthy navel causes impotency.

One of the reasons for menstrual disorders in women is unhealthy navel center.

Navel is deeply related to our digestive system. Imbalance in navel leads to sour belches, indigestion, constipation, loose motions etc.

Imbalance in navel causes sudden weight gains and losses, which affects the physical structure and look of the person. Symptoms of healthy navel center:

Navel is the center for consciousness. Balanced navel is necessary for healthy mind, body and soul.

Balanced navel prevents stomach related problems.

A healthy navel center increases physical energy and brightens the aura of the body. The physical attraction and beauty get enhanced.

A balanced and healthy navel center balances the mind and brain and keeps the person stress free and increases the memory.

A person with healthy navel center remains active and energetic.

Examination of navel center:

The following points have to be kept in mind at the time of testing the navel

Testing with the help of matching heart lines of both palms: First of all, we place the elbows of both the hands on the navel and then join the two hands facing upwards. The tip of the little finger up to the end of wrist is matched to check if the heart lines are matching or not. If both the lines are matching, itindicates a balanced navel, and if the lines do not match then it indicates an imbalanced navel.

Testing with toes:

Lie down straight on empty stomach in the morning and join the feet. Look at the toes; if either the right or left toe appears to be smaller than the other then it indicates an imbalanced navel. Pull the smaller toe to correct it.

Testing with the vibration of navel: Lie down straight on empty stomach in the morning and press the navel with the thumb or finger to feel the vibration like heartbeat. If this vibration is experienced then it means that the navel is balanced otherwise it means it is imbalanced.

Looking at the navel can help in diagnosing the diseases. If the navel is shifted slightly then it could lead to constipation, gastric trouble, burning sensation in heart, sleeplessness, cough etc.

The women could have menstrual problems. If the navel shifts downwards then it could cause stomachache, restlessness or loose motions.

When navel shifts towards left hip:

The person complains of pain and tension on the right upper side of the body and this could affect the liver, gall bladder, abdomen and right kidney. Sometimes the person also complains of pain in lumbar region (waist part) or left leg.

When navel shifts towards left side:

It affects the right side of the body. It causes stiffness in kidneys, intestines along with pain.

When navel shifts towards left side:

It causes pain, tension and stiffness in the right lower part of the body. It affects the pancreas, spleen and left kidney. It could also lead to menstrual disorders in women.

When navel shifts towards right side: It causes pain and tension on the lower side of the body. It affects liver, gall bladder, and left kidney along with intestinal problems.

Methods of balancing the navel:

There are various methods of correcting the positionof navel center. These methods should be adopted after three to four hours after taking meals or on empty stomach.

Take a cloth, big enough to cover the navel from all sides. Soak it with rapeseed oil and pour a few drops in the navel and place the soaked cloth on all sides of the navel. Do this once a week.

Navel can be corrected with Yog practice also. Practice Uttanapadasana, Nabhyasana, Dhanurasana, and Matsyasana to maintain the correct position of navel. Uttanapadasana: Lie down and relax the body. Raise the legs up to 30, 45 and 60 degrees in three instances. Breathe in while going up and breath out while coming down. Do not bend the legs at knees, stretch out the toes completely. This can be done with one leg at a time or both legs simultaneously. Dhanurasana: Lie down on stomach and hold the ankles with both hands. The shape of the body in this position looks like a bow, hence the name Dhanurasana. Sometimes this asana is also done sitting in Vajrasana and bending backwards to hold the ankles. Nabhyasana: This asana balances the navel, and is effective in making it energetic. Lie down on stomach and stretch the hands on either side and similarly stretch the legs wide apart. Do Poorak and raise the navel area. Then raise the legs and hands up to one foot. Raise the chest and head forwards. Bring down the hands and legs when you want to breath in. Sit straight and stretch the legs. Bend the right leg and place it on the left knee. Try to touch the floor with right knee, repeat it at least five times but do not do in excess. Similarly repeat it with the left knee. This exercise is useful for balancing the navel.

Lie down straight without a pillow, raise the legs straight upwards at an angle of 90 degrees then bring down the legs. Practice it five to six times in the morning on empty stomach.

Lie down straight and breath out, breath in and blow the stomach. Remain in this position for as long as possible. Repeat it four to five times to keep the navel healthy.

A traditional method to correct navel position is still used in the rural areas. The patient is made to lie down straight and a lamp is placed on the navel. A brass or steel glass is reversed and placed on lighted lamp. The glass is pressed to give pressure; the lamp will go off when a vacuum is created. This pressure balances the navel. Nowadays, synthetic clothes are in fashion, therefore it is necessary to take some precautions at the time of practicing this.


This is the best method to balance the navel, which creates vacuum and this pressure is used to set the navel position.

Pressing the navel reflex point on hands or placing a star magnet on navel is also effective.

The pregnant women or those people suffering from cancer, appendicitis, ulcer etc. should not be treated for navel balance by directly touching the stomach.


1. Apply rapeseed oil on all sides of the navel, massage with light hands to circulate vitamins in sufficient quantity, this keeps the body beautiful and gives pink colour to lips. It also makes the body energetic.

2. In case of shifting of navel or pain, mix 20 gm each of jaggery and aniseed and eat on empty stomach in the morning.

3. Pour ginger juice on navel and massage the area to control loose motions and also to cure all stomach diseases.