Cough is a common ailment and can also be a symptom of other diseases. However, it should not be taken lightly. Prolonged cough should be treated immediately. Avoid exposure to cold conditions as soon as the symptoms of cough are seen. Removing the kapha element from the respiratory system is the only cure for curing cough. It should not be suppressed with the intake of medicines otherwise other health problems could begin.

Nature cure:

Take enema with lukewarm water to clear the stomach.

Dip feet in hot water and wrapping a cloth on the chest is beneficial. This remedy is effective in case of dry cough as well.

Avoid heavy food that increases kapha, milk and milk products, sweets etc. and take light food. Lukewarm water is beneficial to cure cough.

Take ginger juice with honey several times a day for relief.


Cough can be of different types. Dry, phlegmatic, cough that attacks only during nighttime etc. medicines can be helpful for curing cough.

For dry or wet cough – grind 10 gm alum and 100 gm unrefined sugar. Make 14 pouches of equal quantity. Take 125 gm powder with hot milk in case of dry cough. In case of wet cough take 125 gm with hot water at bedtime.

This remedy cures chronic cough within two weeks. It is also effective in case of asthma and is extremely beneficial for cough caused during summers.

Grind equal quantities of black pepper and sugar candy. Add sufficient amount of clarified butter to make tablets. Make plum sized tablets and suck one tablet four times daily to cure all types of cough. It is also beneficial in case of bronchitis, soreness and other throat diseases.

Add four times harad in black pepper powder and make half gm tablets. Suck three to four tablets daily to cure cough.

Remove seeds from dry dates, keep black pepper inside the dates and suck. Keep it in the mouth at bedtime and sleep. This relieves cough within five to seven days.

Smell one drop of rapeseed oil with each nostril before taking bath to overcome all types of cough and headache caused due to dryness.

Apply rapeseed oil on rectum thrice daily to cure cough. This remis especially beneficial for children.

Wet or phlegmatic cough

Ginger is very beneficial in this case. Add equal quantities of ginger juice and honey and take spoonful (slightly lukewarm) three to four times daily for relief. If asthma attacks due to old age or weakness then this medicine should be taken lukewarm. This remedy is also effective in case of diseases related to testicles caused due to vata doshas and stomach problems along with respiratory problems. It improves appetite; drink it lukewarm in case of throat problems and to relieve cold.

Cough that attacks during nighttime

Suck a piece of baheda skin or peeled ginger throughout the night. It cures dry cough, asthma, and sleeplessness.

Keep one gram Ajowan in betel leaf and suck it to overcome dry cough. Eat one or two-gram Ajowan and drink hot water over it to relieve dry cough, asthma and respiratory diseases.

Grind roasted Suhaga and Moolhati separately, sieve with cloth and make a fine powder. Mix the two powders in equal quantities and store in a jar. This is the best remedy for overcoming cough, cold and respiratory problems.

Take half to one-gram powder twice or thrice daily with honey orhot water. Children should be given one gram and the dosage should be increased according to the age of the patient. Avoid consumption of curd, banana, rice, cold things etc. In case of phlegm and sputum secretion keep a little quantity in mouth and suck. It removes kapha.

Mix spoonful myrobalan powder with equal quantity of honey and lick for relief.

Add spoonful honey in a pinch of black pepper powder and lick four times daily.

Take spoonful Adoosa and basil leaf juice and lick it with spoonful honey to relieve dry cough.

Mix a little bit of turmeric powder and salt in water and drink several times. Mix a little bit of jaggery and spoonful clarified butter and eat to relieve dry cough.

Yogic cure

Regular Yog practice is beneficial to cure all types of cough andgives relief to the patient.

Practice Kunjal kriya on empty stomach in the morning followed by Vastra dhouti and Jalneti. It removes phlegm from respiratory pipes.

Practicing yogasanas that strengthen the body also help in improving the condition of the patient. Avoid allopathic medicines that suppress
the problem.

Practice Surya namaskar (as far as possible), it is a complete exercise and strengthens stomach, intestines, pancreas, heart and lungs. It helps in proper blood circulation in the whole body, it purifies blood and cures skin ailments. This asana improves the overall health.

Tadasana strengthens the lungs and expands them. It develops the nervous system.

Bhujangasana strengthens the stomach and cures all stomach related problems. It strengthens the lungs and cures spine related diseases.

Dhanurasana is beneficial in case of stomach problems. It balances navel, strengthens kidneys and the spine.

Ushtrasana strengthens respiratory system, activates the lungs, removes kapha and reduces cough. It is beneficial in case of thyroid and stomach diseases.

Gomukhasana should be practiced to strengthen chest, liver and kidneys.

Matsyasana relieves stomach diseases, strengthens intestines and cures constipation. It balances navel position, cures asthma and other lung diseases. Besides these asana, regular practice of Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, and Ujjayi pranayam cure dry cough, practice of Sitkari pranayam is especially beneficial. Practice Dhritaneti before pranayam for better results.