Our ancestors had learnt the importance of laughter very well, probably that is why the following proverb talks about increasing your laughter by four times. It says, halve your meals, double the water. Increase exercise by three times and laughter by four times.

Laughter is extremely beneficial for our health. Latest research has shown that it improves the mental and physical health. Smile increases the natural glow. Laughing wholeheartedly cures several diseases. Laughter therapy is one of the most recognized therapies of the world. Laughter is indeed a good exercise; it rejuvenates each and every part of the body. This is the reason that Hasyasana is compulsorily included in all Yoga centers.

Endorphin hormone relieves pain from the body. The human body is capable of producing this hormone automatically. Those who laugh wholeheartedly, produce good amount of this hormone and as a result they do not suffer from joint pain, headache etc. Laughter reduces stiffness in muscles. Headache caused due to stress is also relieved with this therapy. The medical practitioners believe that a cheerful person has more capacity to tolerate pain.

Scientist William Fry has conducted research in this area and according to him around 20 minutes of laughter is equal to three minutes of rowing. Asper the research of Japanese society of laughter and human, laughter has very positive effect on the health. It improves blood circulation, which is beneficial for the patients suffering from mental ailments. Improvement in blood circulation supplies more amounts of oxygen and glucose to the brain. immense happiness with laughter because it produces a chemical called ‘seritonine’ and this chemical makes us happy. Laughter also has positive effect on the stomach. It is a good exercise for our stomach muscles. It relieves stomach problems like constipation. Laughter therapy is like a blessing for asthma patients. It removes the phlegm accumulated in the lungs very easily.

Laughing loudly relieves stress. It increases respiration automatically, and as a result more amount of oxygen enters the body and removes carbon dioxide. This process strengthens the respiratory system and makes the body active. A person who laughs wholeheartedly remains free from the risk of depression and develops resistance power. Famous laughter therapist, Dr. Robert Bobbin says that laughter therapy cures high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory disorders, mental anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and other physical problems easily.