A lot of things can mess up with your sleep. You have stuff to do around the house, or you had to stay up late at work to finish up a project, and the list goes on and on. But, the real concern is that if you continue with that habit, and push your recommended sleeping time ( 6 – 8 hours) it can be very bad for you and your health.

Lack of sleep can cause a slew of serious and life-threatening conditions, ranging from cancers to diabetes, and heart issues. That’s why you should be aware that lack of sleep can be very bad for you and if you have any problems with it, you should change your sleeping habits or start using some homemade remedies that can help with your sleep.



lack of sleep is also linked to the high level of bad chemicals and toxins in our body, and also with the high blood pressure.


lack of sleep also changes our eating habits. We tend to eat more, and we also start eating more junk food. So without proper diet and the right amount of food, the risk of getting diabetes is increased.


osteoporosis and other bone diseases can be related as a result from lack of sleep. This is probably caused by the fact that the mineral density in the bones is decreased when you don’t get enough sleep (6 – 8 hours) per night.


Other conditions that can be caused by lack of sleep

These conditions are also serious problem and they are followed by serious inconveniences during you daily habits, when you try to do stuff around the house or simply enjoy your day.

Memory loss

if you don’t sleep well, your brain can’t use its full capacity. Eventually, you will suffer from serious memory loss that can be permanent if you don’t change your sleeping habits and get enough sleep.

Breast cancer

people who suffer from breast cancer are actually prone to reappearance of the cancer if they don’t get enough sleep. So they should avoid that with one simple thing, they should get more sleep.


when we get in the middle of the night usually results with tripping in the bathroom, only for a reason to move around if nothing else. But, in time, that trip to the bathroom becomes a habit and it makes sure you don’t get enough sleep. That cycle feeds itself and you will have problems with your bladder when you work as well.

As you can notice, by skipping couple hours of sleep, it will not simply cause for you to be tired the next day, but it can also cause a series of health problems. That’s why, it should be wise for you to get a good night sleep and make it a priority, because it can cause serious health problems for you in the future.