Dysentery and diarrhea are common diseases and generally everybody suffers from them some time or the other. It appears to be very simple but is not so simple. It makes the person weak and pale.

The patient complains of mild pain after passing motions and also suffers from wounds and swelling in large intestines, blood or mucous secrets from it and the patient suffers from pain due to stiffness in the stomach.


The patient complains of passing loose motions frequently but without pain. It makes the body weak and dry. Peculiar sound accompanied with ache is felt in the stomach. The patient loses appetite. How does it take place? Eating very heavy, spicy and hot food, which is impure, unhealthy, adulterated and stale leads to indigestion, this food reaches the intestines and decays. The intestines become weak and the polluted food pollutes the other humours also. Many times controlling the urge to urinate, drinking alcohol, change in season can also cause loose motions. Getting exposed to sun and eating cold things, eating very oily food is also one of the reason for dysentery.


Nature Cure for Dysentery and Diarrhea:

Do not take medicines to stop loose motions, but try and remove the polluted food from intestines in the form of faeces.

Add the juice of fresh lemon in water and take enema at least twice or thrice daily to clean the smelling faeces accumulated in the intestines. Take hipbath (Kati snan) and tie a cloth on the stomach. Mud bandage is useful in this case. This remedy is very effective.

Keep fast till two or three days when loose motions begin, drink buttermilk for immediate relief.

Begin solid food with coarse meal, kichdi, orange and sweet lime etc.

Prolonged indigestion is the reason for loose motions and fasting is the best method to improve digestion.

Loose motions make the body weak. Take honey, lemon, salt, sugar syrup at frequent intervals.


The patient suffering from dysentery should avoid tough physical work, mental stress and tension.

Yogic Cure for Dysentery and Diarrhea:

If navel imbalance is the cause for loose motions then this problem cannot be controlled with any medicines until the navel comes back to its position. Regular practice of asana to balance the navel stops loose motions and the navel comes back to its normal position.

Practice Uttanapadasana – it balances navel position and stops loose motions. It strengthens the intestines and keeps them healthy. It overcomes constipation and other stomach diseases. It increases digestive fire and relieves stomachache, it is also beneficial in case of respiratory diseases.

Practice Dhanurasana – it overcomes imbalance of navel and is beneficial in case of loose motions also. It cures stomach diseases, makes the spine healthy, flexible and strengthens the kidneys.

Chakrasana prevents imbalance of navel and controls dysentery. It makes the spine flexible, improves the health of stomach and intestines, and overcomes the diseases of the uterus.

Practice of Matsyasana is also beneficial in this case. It overcomes problems related to thyroid and Para-thyroid. It improves the health of stomach and makes the intestines active.

Regular practice of all the four asana mentioned above should be done under the supervision of a Yog expert. These are beneficial in maintaining the normal position of navel.

The patient should begin the practice of Tadasana, Katichakrasana, Padhastasana, Suptavan-muktasana and Vajrasana after the loose motions stop. These asana strengthen the intestines and keep them dis-ease free. It improves digestion and prevents accumulation of faecal matter in stomach. It prevents loose motions altogether. Suryabhedhan pranayam and Agnisar kriya are beneficial among pranayam. Diet and regimen:

Do not eat anything in case it is the beginning of loose motions

Take barley, kidney beans dal kichdi and drink buttermilk in case of loss of appetite.

Avoid heavy and fatty food, alcohol, reduce salt intake, sour food, very watery food, cholai, bathua, papaya etc.

Fruits like pear, apple, pineapple, cheekoo, orange, sweet lime, wood apple and its marmalade are beneficial.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Dysentery and Diarrhea:

Boil Bathua leaves and drink one cup of its juice daily.

Cook 10 gm Mongra leaves in water and take four spoons.

Dry four mango pieces and grind. Take half spoon, mix grain-sized opium and take it with water.

Prepare decoction with eight basil leaves, sieve and drink in two portions at different times.

Roast powdered turmeric powder, add a pinch of rock salt, adults should take a spoonful and children should take half spoon. Take it with cold water every three hours.

Dates are very beneficial in this case. Eat five to six dates as soon as the loose motions start. Drink water after one hour.

Grind six tender neem leaves and a few acacia buds. Eat this chutney twice a day with honey.

If children suffer from this problem then rub jaiphal and make them lick at regular intervals. It stops dysentery.

Prepare powder with black plum and mango seed, add roasted Harad powder. Take half spoon every two hours.

In case of indigestion problem, grind equal quantities of black pepper, rock salt, Ajowan, dry mint and cardamom. Take spoonful with water after meals.

Roast a little bit of aniseeds, add raw aniseed.Take two spoons with buttermilk every two hours.

If loose motions start due to heat, drink glassful buttermilk (cream less), with half gram roasted alum.

Grind 100 gm pomegranate skin and 50 gm cumin seeds. Take spoonful thrice or four times a day.

Take two gram Javitri with buttermilk to control loose motions.

Add two spoons of Isabgol in sweet curd and take it thrice during the day.

Roast raw wood apple on fire and give the pulp to the patient, it stops loose motions instantly.

Grind raw myrobalan and apply on the navel.

Roast equal quantities of aniseed and white cumin seeds, grind to a fine powder and take three gram every three hours with fresh water. This is the best medicine to control loose motions.

Add spoonful ginger juice in a cupful hot boiling water and drink as hot as possible, take one dose every hour to control watery loose motions.