In rural Andhra Pradesh, people collect the leaves of the Vavili plant which grow like a shrub. If you boil it in hot water, the liquid has pain relieving properties. The extract is often used while giving bath to women who have under gone  child delivery so that she will get relief from the general body aches she had during the delivery time. It is also used for those suffering from osteoarthritis to relieve joint pain.

Other names for this Ayurvedic herb are Nirgundi, or Vitex Negundo.

Actually I have seen in the case of moderate and severe osteoarthritis cases with 1) swelling, pain, and redness of the knee joint, 2) hot to the touch without signs of infection, 3) inability to flex the joint and walk, that such people have received lots of relief from this simple medicine.


In one case a joint specialist in a corporate hospital suggested in this case some pain relieving drugs and said that if the response is not there one has to go for joint replacement. But the natural leaves of Vavili Trifoliate helped in reducing the swelling as well as the pain, and the patient is now able to walk better. 2 or 3 leaves have to be taken orally after washing them, and chewed/swallowed. The leaves are a little bitter to taste, but it is a great natural medicine.

People from the forest agriculture research centres often grow these plants, as they know that it is having medicinal value and there is some research to extract the chemical that is giving the pain relief results.

If you want to grow the plan yourself, small branches obliquely cut from the plant can be grown and it easily grows very quickly. It is not dangerous to swallow and can be tested by first eating one part of the leaf and see if you get any allergic symptoms. You can chew and swallow them daily and you will see the results in a weeks time.