Most of us are familiar with turmeric and probably cook with it often. In fact, no curry is complete without it. Not only is the popular root used to flavour your favourite dishes, it can also be used as an all round beauty treatment too.

According to, the golden spice works wonders for anti aging, pigmentation, and reducing hair growth on your hands and face.


It is also known to reduce the look of stretch marks and wrinkles and soothes skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Most Hindu brides, and even grooms, use turmeric as part of their wedding celebrations to cleanse and beautify their skin before the big day.


To try it out, simply prepare a face mask, using fresh turmeric, gram flour and plain yoghurt to form a thick paste.

Apply it to your arms feet and face, let it dry and wash off in warm water. There will be an instant glow and your skin will immediately feel smoother and more supple.