There are different types of stomach ache – problems of gas, burning sensation, shooting pain, stomach ache lasting for long intervals, etc. Most of the stomach problems are caused due to the food we eat and contaminated water. Apart from this, stomach ache can also be caused by tuberculosis, stones, blockage in the intestine, infection, cancer and other diseases.

Symptoms of Stomach Ache:

The common symptoms of stomach disorder are dysentery, irregular bowels, constipation, indigestion, gas, loss of appetite, uncomfortable feeling in the stomach, vomiting, dysentery with blood, burning sensation in the stomach, urine and chest, acidity, jaundice and irregular menstruation in the women. If you have these symptoms, you should question yourself, what is the cause of stomach ache? It is always advised to take medicines only after knowing the cause and practice the proper asana related to the disease. Yoga asana is one action which has the capacity to cure serious diseases.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Worms

Whipworm, threadworm, hookworm, tapeworm and other worms cause infection in the stomach. Children and adults generally complain of stomach ache due to these worms. Along with these symptoms the patient can have dysentery, anemia, malnutrition, swelling in the appendix, jaundice, cough, rising heartbeat, bile related eruptions on the body and other problems. Tapeworm’s yeast present in the brain can cause fits. The chances of liver and lung problems are also increased.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Peptic Ulcer

When hydrochloric acid is secreted in an excess quantity in the upper portion of Dryden’s pipe of the small intestine or the security cover is spoiled, the patient can develop wounds, pain in the middle part of the stomach, burning sensations, vomiting, acidity, and burning sensation in the chest can occur.

If the treatment is delayed, there is a chance of blood vomiting or blood excreted along with the bowels (black colored stools are passed) due to the secretion of blood. A hole can be formed in the stomach or the intestine. This condition is formed in very rare cases.

The main cause of ulcers is wrong food habits and irregular life style. Following strict diet plans, avoiding spicy, oily, hot, sour food and adopting a peaceful, cool and stress free lifestyle is the cure for this disease. Regular practice of asana is helpful in getting many more health advantages.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Gastroenteritis

Painkillers (allopathic medicines) are extremely harmful. The chance of Gastroenteritis increases with the consumption of liquor, some medicines like Disprin, Aspirin, and Cortisone, etc. Also virus or kidney infection can cause swelling of the covering of the stomach and wounds are formed in the stomach. This causes pain in the upper part of the stomach, vomiting, loss of appetite and other problems. Repeated vomiting can drain off necessary substances from the body. Gastroenteritis occurs suddenly and the best way to protect from this disease is intake of clean, hygienic and pure food. Avoid consumption of liquor, smoking cigarette, bidi etc. Do not take painkillers. Do not consume liquor and any such thing.

If this disease has attacked a person, it is good to take milk, ice cream and take the help of Ayurvedic medicines and yoga asana. Do not allow the formation of constipation.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Colitis

This disease is caused due to the consumption of contaminated water and food. This disease spreads due to the infection of tuberculosis, amoeba, foreign bodies, Shigela Bacteria, ulcerative colitis etc. This causes swelling of the large intestine. There is acute pain in the lower part of the stomach. Along with it, dysentery, mucous in the bowels, blood, and pus start developing. Some people also have the complaint of mild fever, loss of appetite, etc. Consume clean and pure water to protect from this disease. Do not consume canned food available in the market. Avoid stale food, chaat, pakora’s, fruits sold in the open etc. Protect the food, milk, and water from getting polluted with cockroaches, mosquitoes and bees. Wash your hands with an antiseptic based soap before taking food and after passing bowels. Take the help of ayurvedic medicines and yoga asana to cure this disease. Taking ayurvedic medicines and practicing yoga asana is the best alternative to cure any type of stomach disease.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Tuberculosis of the Intestine

Stomach ache persists incase of tuberculosis of the intestine. This causes swelling and wounds in the intestines and starts bleeding. Weight loss, loss of appetite, mild fever, swelling in the lymphatic glands and peritoneal membrane, which leads to acute pain in the stomach. The stomach swells up and there is severe pain near the navel and all its sides. Constipation or dysentery also occurs. Gas is accumulated in the stomach and vomiting begins. The patient feels weak. Tuberculosis of the intestine can be treated with Ayurveda and effective yoga asana. The patient will recover soon and become healthy with regular practice of yoga asanas.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Appendicitis Pain

Appendicitis pain is unbearable. It arises suddenly; it begins from the middle part of the stomach and carries on to the right side of the stomach. It also causes fever, vomiting and uncomfortable feeling. This disease and pain can be cured with Ayurveda and highly effective asana. Regular practice can completely cure this disease, but only if it is detected very early.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Liver Cancer

A patient with liver cancer has a liver as hard as a stone. The patient suffers with pain in the upper right part of the stomach and this gradually increases. Loss of appetite, jaundice, weakness and weight loss are some of the common symptoms. Liver cancer is caused due to the consumption of liquor or due to poison in fungus infected grains. Ayurveda has a complete cure for this disease. There are very effective yoga asanas, which can cure this disease.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Kidney Stones

Stones in the kidney cause acute pain in the right side of the stomach, back, spine, and lower urinary bladder and in the genitals in men. Vomiting, burning sensation, pain and bleeding in the urine can be caused. Children generally have stones in the bladder and experience unbearable pain in the lower part of the stomach. The patients suffering with this problem should drink a lot of water and consume curd, rice, and tomato in very less quantity. Ayurvedic medicines dissolve the stones and they are excreted through the urine. Regular practice of yoga asana cures this disease.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Wound in the Liver

Amoeba foreign bodies and hydride yeast cause pain in the upper right side and middle part of the stomach. This pain gradually passes on to the right side of the chest and shoulders.

Swelling of the liver is also caused due to the infection of hepatitis virus. This causes pain in the upper right side of the stomach and jaundice. Along with these symptoms the patient gets mild fever, loss of appetite, yellow urine and other related problems.

Ayurvedic medicines can cure the patients completely. Practice of yog asana will make the person completely healthy. Stop eating non-vegetarian food and stop consumption of liquor to protect from liver diseases because the main cause of 90 per cent of the stomach related problems is liquor and meat.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Tips to Protect from Stomach Ache

The majority of stomach problems are caused due to infection from amoeba foreign bodies and worms. If you drink clean and fresh water, food and liquids, follow all the rules of cleanliness, and take a balanced diet of nutritious food then you protect yourself from most of the stomach related diseases. Tuberculosis of the intestine and ulcer are caused due to drinking raw or improperly boiled milk. Always boil the milk properly before consuming it in any form. Do not consume paan masala , gutkha (tobacco), high fatty food, oil, sour, or spicy food. Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Eat pure vegetarian food instead of meat. One of the main reason for constipation, dysentery and acidity is stress. Protect yourself from stress under all circumstances. Keep your mind cool and drain out unnecessary tensions.