Practicing yoga asana for physical fitness and good health is welcome. However, it cannot be done at any time according to one’s convenience. Majority of the people start practicing the asana whenever they have time either in the morning or evening. This is not the correct method of practicing asana. It is very important to prepare oneself before doing asana.

Warming up is extremely important before beginning asana. It is good to warm up the body with some jumping asana, the muscles also become flexible. Our muscles have this tendency, when the body temperature becomes more than normal, their strength to contract and speed of relaxation increases . This reduces the flexibility and the blood flow increases and obtains the required oxygen.

Benefits of Jumping Asana:

The muscles become flexible. The blood flow to the muscles increases.

These asana reduce the stiffness in the joints. The messaging system becomes active and the messages are passed to the hands and legs from the brain. Heart rate increases and the whole body becomes warm.

There are five types of warming up asana, namely Utkurdan (jumping), Kood Namaskarasana, Bhuhastasan, Konasan and Paad Utishthasan. Utkoordan (jumping): Stand with both the feet together, inhale and jump upwards as high as possible. Exhale while coming down. Repeat this at least 10 to 20 times . This asana makes the body light and increases and makes it active.

Kood Namaskarasana: Put both the feet together. Inhale and raise both the hands upwards. Make sure that there is no sound made with the hands. Exhale while coming down and increase the distance between the legs to 18 to 24 inches. Repeat this asana 10 to 25 times. Bhu-Hastasan : Keep a distance of two to three feet between the legs. Inhale and raise the hands upwards. Exhale while coming down and rest the hands on the floor. Repeat this exercise five to ten times. This exercise makes the lungs strong and the body becomes flexible. People who have the problems related to spine or back should not attempt this asana. Konasana: Keep a distance of two to three feet between both the legs . Exhale and keep the right leg on the left toe and touch the left knee with the nose. Repeat this asana from the other side as well. Five repetitions of this asana are beneficial.

Paad Utishthasan: Keep both the legs together and stand straight. Take both the hands on the backside (fold the hands from the front side) and hold the shoulders. Keep the back, neck and chest straight. Now raise the right leg in the front and bring it near the chest. Now repeat this with the other leg. The back should be absolutely straight. Repeat this asana at least 10 to 25 times. This puts pressure on the stomach, which flattens the stomach and gives good shape to the body.