How do we control our thoughts? Controlling thoughts does not mean not to have any thoughts in our mind at all. Thoughtless situation is dangerous. In the initial stage controlling thought means, practicing to let noble thoughts arise and stopping evil and false thoughts from creeping in.

Always remember one thing, if you want to win over the evil thoughts, then the only way is to check them from different angles, think about them and drive off the evil thoughts and inculcate positive and noble thoughts.

What we are today, that is because of our thoughts. Therefore, pay attention to whatever you think. The words are secondary, the thoughts are primary and their effect is everlasting. Our character depicts our thoughts. Hence, when sages smile or scold there is love and purity in it and it is for our welfare. If we want to develop the noble thoughts to arise in our speech also then we should pay attention to the food we eat, which is governed by our sensory organs. If the food is pure then the thoughts are also pure. Unhealthy food has no utility. Why should we use our energy in subsiding the evil thoughts, which have come up with consumption of bad food? Actually controlling thoughts do not mean subsiding the thoughts, but we should conquer them.

In the later stages controlling thoughts means to stop thinking. As long as our ego and body are united till then we cannot reach the ultimate stage. The pranayam lesson teaches us how to stop thinking.

Follow noble thoughts; be with them always, when they become your integral part then you will feel powerful. This state is beyond knowledge. When there are no thoughts, think about the noble thoughts and get engrossed in them.

To come to the thoughtless stage don’t forget the means of practice. Do not be restless. How is it possible to fill the mind with nobility? When the mind becomes pure then evil thoughts will stop automatically.

According to Patanjali ‘Aum’ mantra teaches us to attain self-control.

We can self-examine through it and it helps in driving away the hurdles at the time of concentration. The essence of all the rituals is in our mind. These rituals are simplified further and they take the form of thoughtlessness. The thoughts do not disappear completely but are present in the mind. As and when the time permits they appear on the surface of the mind. The friction of atoms never ends. Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth all will come to an end but atoms will never end. Whatever process is going on in the Sun, Moon, stars, earth, the same process goes on in the atoms also, and in the mind. The friction in the mind disappears, but the friction in the atoms goes on and come out with momentum.