Bandhas stop the flow of energy in some parts of the body and flow it in other parts. This massages the internal organs and removes the accumulation of the blood. Bandha regulate the nerves of the particular organ, which prevents sickness. The Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra glands produced with the flow of prana (life) in sushmana nerve arouse with the bandha, which develops spiritual energy.

There are three types of bandha:

1. Jalandhar Bandha,

2. Uddiyan bandha,

3. Mool bandha

Jalandhar Bandha

Sit in Sidhasana or Padmasana and rest the knees on the ground. Keep the neck, spine and head absolutely straight.

Now keep the palms on the knees and close the eyes and let the whole body relax. Slowly take deep breath and stop it inside. Remain in the same position and keep the elbows straight and put pressure on the knees and simultaneously bend the shoulders forward and raise them slightly. Bend the head in such a manner that the chin touches the lower part of the neck, Remain in this position till you can stop the breath inside but do not stop the breath forcefully,

Keep the head straight before doing rechak and keep the shoulders in the normal position, Bend the elbows and relax. Now, exhale slowly. Repeat the asana when the respiration becomes normal.


Thyroid, Parathyroid glands become healthy. It relieves the person from worries, anger, tension etc.

Who should not do Jalandhar bandha?

Patients of cervical, Spondalitis, pressure in the skull, giddiness, high blood pressure and heart disease should not do this bandha.

Uddiyan bandha:

Sit in Padmasana or Sidhasana. Rest the knees on the floor, Close the eyes and relax the whole body. Perform dirghrechak (inhale deeply). Stop the breath outside and perform Bahirkumbhak. Keep the elbows straight and put pressure on the knees and bend the shoulders slightly towards the front and raise them upwards. After this perform Jalandhar bandha, Then contract the stomach muscles inside and upwards, so that the stomach takes the shape of a bow, Now remain in Bahirkumbhak and bandha position. After this slowly leave Uddiyan bandha and after some time leave Jalandhar bandha.

Now bring back the elbows and hands in normal position and in hale. Rest for a while and repeat the asana.

Benefits of Uddiyan bandha:

It cures the diseases of the stomach and abdomen, destroys the worms in the stomach, cures indigestion, gas. It regulates the stomach and improves its functioning. It massages the spleen, liver, kidney and makes them healthy. This asana has special influence on the prana (life) energy.

Who should not do Uddiyan bandha?

People suffering with wounds in the stomach or intestines, high blood pressure, hernia, colitis should not do this Bandha.

Mool Bandh:

Sit in Padmasana, Take deep breath and stop the breath. Keep the hands straight and put pressure on the knees with the elbows, Now try and contract the ganglion muscles as much as you can but do not put excessive pressure. These muscles are situated between the rectum and genitals in men and in women it is located at the back of vagina, where vagina and uterus meet,

Now relax the bandha and keep the hands and elbows in normal position- Then do rechak, this can be done at the time of Bahirkumbhak as well,


This Bandha gives physical, mental and spiritual benefits, It creates co-operation between the urinary, reproduction and excretory systems. It generates sex desire and cures several sexual diseases.