ALLAHABAD: Apart from usual IT training, the 15 days of special yoga session for over 24 African delegates who gathered at Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad ( IIIT-A) was an enriching and memorable experience.The yoga session was coupled with the IT training programme at the joint initiative of Ministry of Science and Technology and External Affairs, Government of India.

The yoga training programme which was organised exclusively for delegates under the supervision of institute spokesperson, Pankaj Mishra who himself is a qualified yoga trainer has brought about drastic changes in the level of physical fitness among the group.

Sharing his experience Niyonkun Leonidas from Burundi says, “Yoga was very useful for him to keep our body fit for the day. I personally feel energetic every day.Yoga was well organized, every exercise was demonstrated either by the Yoga teacher. Though the names of some Asanas in Hindi like Ardhshalabha, Pawanmuktaasna etc was difficult to pronounce, but gradually we became well versed with all.”

Another delegate Abdoua Tchousso, 46 from Niger liked the cobra pose, the cat pose, the bow pose etc.

“I learnt that meditation was the necessary as food for mind. Besides I was personally benefitted with Yoga session because it provides me to have equilibrium in physique, mind and intellect, to live the life with enthusiasm and to have smile in every case,” he said.

In future, I would like to do Yoga two times per day: one hour in the morning and one hour the evening respectively.

Wabwile Simiyu, 39, senior lecturer from Kenya recalls his experience “Yoga sessions were lovely. I lost 4 kg weight during the fifteen days. It gave me new direction for life. I am much grateful to the organizers.

Memort Chitsi a lecturer by profession in Zimbabwe says “Yoga makes me feel relaxed and more flexible, gives me strength and the ability to change to situations. Yoga had reduced the pain in my chest I am feeling fit and more energetic than before. Now I have quality of sleep.”

Lucia Makwasha, 29, Lecturer at Harare Polytechnic, Zimbambe recounts her Yoga experience as it had reduced stiffness in body, calm mind more balanced and focused. I reduced my 2. 5 kg weight during session, Miasy Andriamparany Randriatsarafara from Madagascar says at IIIT- Allahabad it is my first Yoga experience in life and during these two weeks of practices I felt calm and ease every day after yoga session and the big opportunity for me is that I can also share many yoga postures types such as cobra, superman, etc to help many people who needs healthcare in my county.

Mashuud Dubie Alhassan, 27 from Ghana said that with the aid of yoga my concentration level has increased tremendously.”

I have never felt my mind at peace before but with yoga I can feel my mind at peace. I have learnt have to control my anger through meditations in the yoga class. Yoga has enabled me to have a relaxed body than before”.

Ben Haddada Fakhreddine who hails from Tunisia said that It’s a pleasure for me that I had the opportunity to practice “Yoga” because even in my country I was interested in practicing this spark so special really, it gives energy, I became feel my body and helped me to be jessant in mind. I would like to continue it.

Aboubakar Mhitournam, an Assistant Professor, faculty of Science and Techniques, Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, Niger said first result of yoga session was that physically I feel good. Secondly, Yoga has recalled me the importance of meditation and positive thoughts. Yoga has allowed me to look into my inside world.