ALLAHABAD: The 45-days of stay during Mahakumbh Mela acts as a natural vaccine for human beings from spirituality and environment point of view, said Dr Vachaspati Tripathi during a lecture on the topic “Scientific studies on lifestyle based on Natural Environment during Kumbh and Kalpa was here at Allahabad Museum on Thursday.

Laying stress on regional prominence and importance of seeds in Ayurveda he said that both enhance immunity in human body. Community bathing on the occasion of Maha Kumbh regulate the environment because rays coming from different planets are beneficial for human body.

Addressing the gathering Mela Adhikari, Mani Prasad Mishra said that scientific facts and figures hold relevance in present context.

On the other hand vice chancellor, Nehru Gram Bharti University, Prof K P Mishra said that it is right to have faith in something but superstitions can prove to be fatal. The concept of Mahakumbh coming as a vaccine needs to be researched.

In his presidential address director, Allahabad Museum, Rajesh Purohit said that faith is different from scientific basis and both can only be combined when there is sufficient ground to do so.