Chennai: Silent killer diseases, diabetes and mental stress, can be controlled by yoga and naturopathy therapies. The Government Yoga and Naturopathy Medical College Hospital (GYNMCH) at Arumbakkam in Chennai is organising a three-day special treatment camp for mental stress and diabetes and registration started this week.

Doctors say not just adults but even children now suffer from these two diseases. They said diet consultations would be provided for each patient in person and free treatment plan will be sketched out based on the physical and mental health of the individual.

Talking about the three-day camp, Dr N. Manavalan, principal of GYNMCH said, “First the patients will listen to a lecture and be informed about the camp and how they have to prepare themselves to come out of the diseased thoughts and manage their diet.

We have case studies of pati*ents who now lead healthy life without taking any pills, but only with nutritious food.” “Mental stress will burn all your energy and fill you with negative thou*ghts. We teach asanas and explain to people how to study their body conditions and take precautions to avoid further diseases,” he said.

Another doctor Gokula Krishnan said treatments like acupressure, magneto therapy and diet consultations are also offered based on the health report of the patient. “Facilities like spic and span reflexology lab, meditation and yoga halls and green cover along the walking path would make the individual feel the pollution-free environment and get rejuvenated,” he said. To register for the camp contact.