Throat diseases are common during winters. Sore throat is a common disease, in which the voice is disrupted. The throat becomes dry and the patient coughs after a few intervals and sometimes complains of breathing trouble as well. It is generally caused when hot and cold things are combined. For example, drinking cold water and going out in the sun.

Soreness can also occur due to excessive speaking, singing, or presence of some foreign particles in the throat. Sometimes voice disruption is caused when there is swelling in the phlegmatic membrane at the top of the windpipe. Treatment for this condition will be described later.

Tonsillitis is also a common throat disease. Swollen tumor like things at both ends of the tongue deep inside the mouth is an indication of tonsillitis. It is caused due to drinking contaminated water, cold things, cold water, ice or things containing ice. The pain extends into the ear and causes fever. The tonsillitis ripens gradually and ruptures in the end. The patient suffers from breathing problem in this condition.

The patient also suffers due to swelling and pain in the throat. This is also a throat disease. Additionally problems of the thyroid glands are also one of the reasons for throat related problem.

Yogic Cure for Throat Diseases

Yoga practice can control any type of throat disease. It is capable of curing any disease. Regular practice of Halasana controls thyroid problems. It activates the thyroid and makes it healthy. It overcomes obesity, weakness, stunted growth and tiredness, etc.

Practice of Matsyasana also overcomes throat related problems and improves the functioning of the thyroid, para thyroid and adrenalin glands. It is also beneficial in cases of cervical pain or pain in the neck or spine. It overcomes diseases of lungs, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Bhujangasana, Makarasana are also capable of controlling throat diseases.

Ushtrasana improves the condition of the throat. This asana is beneficial for proper functioning of the respiratory system. It activates the lungs, and overcomes throat pain and thyroid problems.

Ardhachandrasana gives all the above-mentioned benefits. Simhasana overcomes throat diseases, thyroid problems, tonsillitis and other throat diseases. It is also beneficial for proper speech and ear and throat diseases. It is also capable of correcting lisping problem among children.

Pranayama for Curing Throat Diseases:

Patients of throat diseases should practice the following types of pranayama.

Bhastrika pranayama should be practiced regularly. It overcomes thyroid problems, tonsillitis and other throat diseases. It maintains the equilibrium in vata, kapha and pitta. It purifies the blood and removes poisonous, foreign particles from the body and cures soreness of throat. It is also beneficial in case of cold-catarrh, chronic cold, sinusitis, and respiratory problems and supplies pure oxygen to the brain.

Practice of Anulom-Vilom pranayama cures cold, catarrh, chronic sinusitis, asthma, cough and tonsillitis and all kapha and throat diseases. It purifies all the nerves and makes the body strong, attractive and healthy. It cures joint pain, gout, arthritis, Parkinson’s, nervous weakness, vata diseases, urinary problems, seminal problems, humour related problems, acidity, and other pitta related diseases.

Ujjayi pranayama relieves cold, cough, and catarrh. It overcomes indigestion, stress, blood pressure, tuberculosis, cirrhosis, diseases of throat, thyroid glands, spleen, etc. it makes the throat healthy, disease free and improves the voice quality.

Shitali pranayama overcomes problems of the tongue, mouth and throat. It cures diseases of the liver, stomach, fever, indigestion, etc. It also controls high blood pressure, purifies blood and calms down diseases of pitta.

Sitkari pranayama should be practiced in order to overcomes pyorrhea, throat, mouth, tongue and nose problems. It keeps the body cool and reduces lethargy.

Ayurvedic Cure for Throat Diseases:

Chew 11 to 12 sugar cakes with black pepper seeds at bedtime and cover the body with a bed sheet and sleep in case of sore throat. It cures cold-catarrh.

Add one and a half spoons of honey in hot water and gargle it to cure sore throat. This also opens the voice.

Take a little bit of onion juice with honey mixed in lukewarm water to improve the voice quality within one week. This remedy is especially beneficial for singers.

Mix turmeric powder and jaggery in lukewarm water and drink it. The voice opens within 24 hours.

Chew moolethi and sugar candy powder at frequent intervals to clear voice.

In case of speech problems, chew 10 to 12 tulasi (holy basil) leaves, this clears the voice within half an hour.

If throat problem arises due to giving speech in loud voice or continuous discussions, keep half gram raw suhaga in mouth and suck the juice. This clears the voice immediately.

If sore throat is caused due to eating hot food after drinking cold water then keep one gram moolathi powder in the mouth and chew it for a longtime. Let it remain in the mouth while going to sleep. The voice will get cleared by the next morning. It also overcomes swelling and pain in the throat.

Eat a hot chapatti, milk, and halva to clear the voice. Drink lukewarm water and give your voice a rest.

Avoid cigarette, bidi, cold drinks, alcohol, etc.

Add half a spoon of salt in a glassful of hot water and gargle it thrice daily to clear the voice. It overcomes throat ache and soreness.

Add two grams of turmeric powder in 250 grams of milk and boil it twice or thrice. Sieve this and take it lukewarm with one and half spoons of sugar candy or sugar at bedtime. Take this medicine for two to three days to clear the voice.

Add one fourth a teaspoon of dry ginger powder in turmeric mixed milk and boil, sieve and drink to cure throat problems.

Mix two grams alum in 250 grams of hot water and gargle it twice or thrice to overcome swelling and pain in the throat. It overcomes swelling and pain in the throat. Mix half a spoon of salt in a glassful of hot water and gargle it for relief. It cures mouth ulcers also.

Mix sugar candy and dry coriander in equal quantities and take a spoonful twice or thrice in case of throat pain, two or three doses give a lot of relief.

Take two grams each of turmeric powder, rock salt, vaividing and boil it in 500 gm water. Sieve with cotton cloth and gargle it twice for relief. Follow this remedy at bedtime to get relief within a week.

Drink carrot juice everyday in the afternoon for two to three months regularly for relief.

Add half a spoon of salt in 200 grams of hot water and gargle it to relieve swelling of tonsillitis. Gargle with salt water two to three times daily.

Mix Jalkhumbhi bhasma in rapeseed oil and apply the paste on chronic tonsillitis to reduce swelling.

Grind white Aparajita root in water and drink daily in the morning and apply clarified butter on chapattis to overcome swelling in the throat.

Boil dry fig in water and rub it nicely on the throat to relieve swelling.

Tie a banana peel on your throat to relieve tonsillitis.

Consumption of dry and bitter things like Sespedula and Jao moond in case of tonsillitis is beneficial.

Add a little bit of honey or sugar in gourd juice and drink to reduce throat pain and burning sensations.

Mix cumin seeds and rock salt in crushed onion and eat for relief of throat pain.

Rinse the mouth with spinach juice to relieve throat ache and reduce burning sensations.

Burn mango leaves and take the fumes to relieve internal pain in the throat. Boil Phalsa (Grewie asiatica) skin in water and gargle it to relieve all throat disorders and reduce pain.

Boil bay leaves in water and gargle them to relieve pain.

Drink mulberry squash and eat mulberry fruits to overcome throat infection and pain within three to four days.