Pranayama is extremely beneficial for children, young, middle aged and old people. Other exercises are not recommended for weak and patients’ suffering from tuberculosis, heart disease, epilepsy, intestinal problems etc. the patients of bone disorder, swelling, cirrhosis, paralysis and handicapped people should also not do exercises.

But everybody can practice pranayama irrespective of the age and problems. The diseases are cured and provide good health. Tough asanas cannot be done but pranayama can be practiced easily. Generally, tough exercises makes the person dull headed but pranayama increases the intelligence. It has been seen the wrestlers generally have low IQ. It makes the person intelligent; the person becomes capable of grasping minute things and improves the reflexes. It arouses the intuitive power hence pranayama is useful in all ways, Pranayama is simple and easy to practice. It also does not require much time and gives more benefits.

Regular practice of pranayama helps in the physical, mental and spiritual development. It makes the person self-controlled, with good thoughts, talent and attractive personality. It relieves the person from diseases and vices, the person becomes strong willed and strong hearted. The person develops the art of foresight, foretelling and communicating without using the sensory organs and other sources. Pranayama makes the mind sharp, which is beneficial for professions like teaching, lecturer, poet, writers etc. the social reformers, social workers, leaders, singers, film actors and actresses also improve skills with the regular practice of pranayama. They become capable of leaving a lasting impression over listeners and viewers.

Practicing pranayama develops the power of dedication, hard work and enthusiasm between the industrialist and businessmen. Understanding the customer’s requirements, getting the pulse of their needs is very important in case of business. They develop their business with the help of this, hence pranayama is also important for these people.

Yogasanas and pranayama are also suitable for women looking at their anatomy. They become beautiful, delicate, and healthy with a good figure. Their vitality also increases many times. The pregnant ladies get good benefits from pranayama. The ladies who practice asana-pranayama after conceiving, their womb develops in a healthy manner and gives proper nutrition to the child. The physical and mental pain caused during pregnancy is relieved easily. The child also remains healthy. The reproductive organs become healthy and capable to an extent that caesarian method is not required for delivering the child but a healthy child is born through normal delivery and the child inculcates good values.

The parents can also remove the negative feelings and habits like mischievousness, hyper activity, speaking lies, stealing, gambling and drinking alcohol and other vices by making the child practice pranayama. In this way pranayama is useful for all age groups. It is especially beneficial for spiritual devotees. It is beyond religion, caste and community. The chanting of mantras, meditation, worship, prayers and singing of devotional songs along with pranayama give instant energy. Pranayama provides strength to the person’s determination. This helps him to lead an enthusiastic life without bothering about obstacle and hindrances and resolve his worldly problems. The worship and prayers become emotional with pranayama. It gets rid of the playfulness of the mind and improves the concentration. The age-old bad habits and sins are also washed off. It inculcates good values and emotions and increases the self-confidence and self-independence. The person gets the intelligences to resolve different types of problems.

Pranayama is also capable of relieving the person from problems like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, incurable diseases and those, which are caused due to the modern life style. Not only that pranayama is the main medium to meet the supreme soul. Though it is a deep and wide study but it is not impossible. It can be made possible with devotion, austerity and controlling the sensory organs. Purity and disciplined life is the background, which takes the person on the path of accomplishment with regular practice. Regular practitioner of pranayama is able to synchronize the breathing with the arousal of Sushmana nerve, the oxygen is circulated and has an affect on every function of the brain, it gives divine powers. In this way the devotee gets internal light and experiences Gods blessings. His temple like mind becomes pure. He has no bonds, everybody is his relative, he has the feeling of ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’. He lives with following feeling:

sarve bhavantu sukhinah sarve santu niramayah
sarvebhadrani pashyantu ma kascid duhkha bhag bhaveta

Caution: Pranayama should be practiced in a sequence and slowly. Unnecessary haste is not recommended. It can be harmful instead of doing well. The practice should be regular otherwise there will be not be any benefits. Patanjali saint says:

yatha simho gajo vyaghrobhavedavashyah shnaihshnaih
tathaivam sevito vayuranyatha hanti sadhakama
-Hathayoga Pradipika 2.15

As the wild animals like lion, elephant, tiger and other animals do not come into the control easily similarly the life energy comes into control with practice. Haste can be harmful for the person. Therefore the practice should be increased gradually.