The Bihar government has decided to project yoga guru Baba Ramdev as their new brand ambassador.

The government’s aim is to bring to the world’s notice the backwardness of the state and the state’s often ignored virtues through the yoga guru.

Baba Ramdev was in Patna for his week-long yoga camp which attracted huge crowds.

Crowd puller

People from all over the state flocked to attend his yoga camp, making him an instant hit among the people of Bihar.

Sensing his popularity, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar declared him the new brand ambassador of Bihar, though his responsibilities are not yet defined.

“I requested Baba Ramdev to accept the state government’s offer to become a brand ambassador of Bihar and he has accepted it. In the past one week he has played an important role in awakening the people of Bihar,” the Chief Minister said.

Mass appeal

Baba Ramdev was full of praise for the people of Bihar and for the love and affection he received in the past one week.

“The people of Bihar should not think that they would have to leave the state as kidnapping and criminalisation is a menace in the state. Instead they should think about how to drive away the criminals from the state,” said Baba Ramdev.

Despite the spate of controversies Baba Ramdev has faced in the past few months, the success of his yoga camp proves his appeal among the masses as a new avtaar.