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Hi! I just joined today. I have only been diagnosed with fibro for a

week and a half, but have been hurting for years. I am 30 years old and

live in Eugene Oregon with mt husband and our 2 dogs.

Being diagnosed has made our lives really hard. I am currently out of

work and I have little to no energy. My dr started me on neuortin and

celexa to start. I know they both take awhile to kick in, but I find

myself sleeping less and have trouble going to sleep since I started

taking them. I have always had trouble falling asleep, but it just

seems worse.

Thanks for being here,


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I am sorry I know of no doctors to recommend. There are some other parts of

your post which make me feel concerned...your regular Dr. may be on the right

track with Cytomel and Armour, but it's worth having your RT3 tested again.

Some of us here can't tolerate Armour, and are on T3-only (cytomel), here's a

link to Moderator Nick's website about this:


Adrenal and iron status must be checked prior to starting T3.

We rely on the saliva cortisol test, not the urine one. Here's a link:


If you post the results of your saliva cortisol on the adrenals group, you will

get some good info on if you need the isocort, and if so, how much and how

often. The moderators of the adrenal group are off for a couple of days right

now, but they'll be back soon, and you'll be able to join the group and post

messages then. Here's a link:


I don't know if you take iodine. Moderator finds that taking iodine

raises her hashi's antibodies, from her post:


The driving/flying anxiety could be from several different things, one thing

that causes anxiety for me is taking T3 when iron is too low. T3 has been a

lifesaver for many on this group, but low iron may cause T3 intolerance, one

symptom of which is anxiety. For good thyroid utilization, ferritin should be at

least 70-90, and % saturation 35-45.

From Moderator Nick's website:


And Val's post:


Hope this helps.


> I have Hashimoto's. Since I was diagnosed 3 years ago I have had these

symptoms , joint pain , swelling throat sensitivity, fatigue, lights bother me a

lot, Cannot drive the freeway and now I have a fear of flying. I could fly

drive etc. just fine a few years ago.

> I have had two test for adrenals via a 24 hour urine collection both negative.

I got fired by my Endo. since I missed two appts. which day it was. Forgot to

say I actually had to have my former Dr. run the Hashimoto test. My antibodies

are usually through the roof. I have used Isocort but have not used it in over

a year. Drs. won't give me cortisol etc.

> I have a regular dr. he has prescribed cytomel and armour . My reverse T

came back a little high once.

> If anyone has a suggestion for Doctors in the Orange County area of

California I would appreciate it.




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>> Drs. won't give me cortisol etc.

You can get a list of places where you can buy hydrocortisone yourself. That is

what most end up doing. Your doctor need never know if you don't tell him/her.


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