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  3. Hi Calli, If you have Hashmoto's, the autoimmune hypothroidism, not all thyroid medicines work. Most don't do anything for T3, which is affected by Hashmoto's. I was on Synthroid for 15 years; it was prescribed to me by 2 different endocrinologist at 2 different practices. I was extremely frustrated with still having so many symptoms. I found a different practice* and during the evaluation one of the first questions she asked is " "Why are you on Synthroid?" She put me on Nature Thyroid and I'm so much better! I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks and the medicine was my only change! It's very inexpensive, and unlike Synthroid, doesn't contain gluten or milk for those with allergies. Fyi: My diagnoses Hashmoto's, Sjogrens, Celiacs, RA, Raynaud's, and I some neuropathy. Prescriptions: Nature Thyroid, Nabumetone, LDN (starting low &slow) 1/4 of a tablet nightly)Vitamin D, Folic Acid. I take other vitamins as well. Keep asking questions like you're doing. Patient blogs are terrific and have helped me along the way to better health. Weaning off Plaquinil. My new rheumy and hubby encouraged me to try again. I have and too many side effects. I asked the practice* who switched my thyroid med about and she asked, ever here of LDN. I said no and she said though not. Started LDN this week and so far so good. The only side effect are vivid dreams, but they are better than the scary dreams I had with Plaquinil (among a lot of other side effects). We all know (The Patients), we are all different and not everthing works for everyone. Keep pushing and keep reading. We have 1 body, 1 life. Despite the odds, I'm going to whatever I can to be here for my family as long as I can and enjoy it! I take other vitamins as well. Good luck and Good Health! <3 RKN
  4. Thanks Hank for this advice from 9 years ago. I am following your lead. Toenail fungus; tinea; venous eczema; I too have given up on the tourniquet but have mild ankle swelling as a result; a bunion and associated foot pain. I'll try anything! Cheers Antipod
  5. still have this or know where I can get the HFA-4AV?
  6. I have been using the powder since april of 2018 and it works wonderful for me after fighting fungal infections from using hearing aids. I initially recieved 10 capsules and have not use but seven. I will say that I keep the bulb double bagged in two zip top bags and have not had a problem with it clumping. it stays in powder form and I just shake the bulb well before use. My doctor also gave me a couple of the black scope tuble they use to look down in your ear with to stick in the ear so the bulb insulfinator never touch the ear canal. I use about six puffs in each ear with forceful pumps.
  7. I'm looking for a scoby too in Northwest Indiana..guess I'm going to have to buy a bottle of kombucha and start my own...
  8. Mine has been in my fridge for over a year, and I am unable to read the stamp on the bottom of the bottle so I have no idea when it expires. How do we know when it has gone bad? It has always tasted mildly burnt. is it still good if it gets left out of the fridge for too long?
  9. When I noticed a wart on my hairline several years ago, I applied either straight DMSO, or, maybe 80% DMSO + 20% water . . . just one drop, and just one time. The following day when I thought about it, I touched the wart with a finger & tried to move it around, and it promptly fell off!
  10. I am grateful for any info on alternative treatment of a cholosteatoma. I have it in my left ear and the general advice is surgery. Still I'd like to avoid surgery if possible. Can anyone be as specific as possible about alternative treatments? I am grateful. K50ev@aol.com
  11. Gloria I as well was looking for Nile Spice I contacted the company but they no longer make it...I would love them to bring it back! My favorite!!!
  12. I have neuropathy. Nerve damage also fibromyalgia. Both feel like insects crawling under skin and itch. Blue emu cream helps along with lyrica and zyrtec.
  13. Hi, just wanted to say be careful with using coconut oil and a-fib. U mentioned coconut oil soap...I am not sure about that but I know that eating coconut oil is a trigger for my afib and a couple others I know. Just wanted to share what I learned. Have a nice day.
  14. Where can I buy the program. I lost 50 pounds on this program. I don’t like the new WW program.
  15. Do you still have the arthostim availible?
  16. Hi there, are you still getting LDN from outside Dubai or it has become easier to get the prescription here. If yes, please could you let me know about the dr . Many thanks
  17. Hi again everyone... I am puzzled that there are no posts since 2002. Does no one search for sites such as this one? I am also surprised that posting is still open after all these years.... Harald has some good information, and there are no replies to his post.. Does no one believe that Rheumatoid Arthritis has an infectious cause and that Steroids are not the CURE... but only a treatment with other serious side effects? Good luck to all who are suffering from doctors who are not informed.
  18. Hi All, It may be that some of the links that were posted have been blocked, possibly by the website moderator.. Yo do not need a specific link for such information. If there is a need to see the connection between Mycoplasma and other similar infections.. just do a google or yahoo search for " Dr Gabe Mirkin rheumatoid arthritis and antibiotics" Many sites and medical journal references will be found... I have known about such a connection since the mid 1990s.. thanks to a radio show hosted by Dr Gabe Mirkin
  19. I am interested if your items are still available? please contact me at 702-565-4673 ask for Michelle
  20. Hi Thanks for your informative answer. What you're saying basically is that atm the only real way to get Oxalobacter formigenes is to remove it from a healthy gut, and transfer it to the depleted one. (Unfortunately this is a very expensive exercise - whether you pay the medical profession to do it, or do it yourself with have some donations from healthy friends etc. - still need to have your friends samples tested as well. Even then there's no guarantee the bacteria will take and a repeat procedure/s may be necessary. ) It is now 2018 and I still cannot buy any supplements with Oxalobacter formigenes other than from India and this even requires a prescription. (I presume this is because it cannot live outside the gut, so I'm guessing they have found a way to stablize it and keep it alive in some way.) I'd like to know how far this research is advancing. Surely after this long, (nearly 8 years) there'd be some clear answers emerging.
  21. Very happy to have found the answer to this question, I was curious, too!
  22. I know this is a very old thread, but I found it... Melatonin may be deemed illegal since it tends to increase/enhance immune response.
  23. Palmitoylethanolamide may be able to reduce the frequency and strength of the pednisone you are using.
  24. Can you tell me who is carrying on the work of Dr. Korins? I am so sorry he passed, what a horrible loss to the world.
  25. How did this turn out for you? Should i consume melatotin regularly well doing the detox?
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