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Our two and a half year old is also very skinny! He is under 25 pounds, I'd say about 23 without the 3 pound cast, but in the 75th percentile for height. In our case, he is very healthy, just a skinny type. Hope that helps. Heidi, Bexon's Mama, (2.5 years old, in 5th cast from Salt Lake City Shriners, currently down from 61 degrees to 23)

To: infantile_scoliosis Sent: Fri, January 22, 2010 7:53:08 PMSubject: Re: Need Advice

My 3 yr old just got her 8th cast off and is in a TLSO brace. She started with 77 degrees and was down to 24 but back to 50 by the time this brace was put on. She is also a tiny thing...24 lbs. My 13 month old and her weigh exactly the same. She does get a high calorie Pediasure a day for extra calories but once that cast came off OMG my baby is skinny! So we are trying to put some meat on her, one way or another...I am short at 5'2 but hubby is 6'2 so who knows if it's genetics or scoliosis/casting. ..I don't know what I would do...Probably keep casting. If my daughter's curve doesn't hold with the brace I am suggesting another round of casting...>> Hello all, my 3 year old daughter is in her 6th cast and

she unfortunately she did not get any correction in her last 2 casts. She started with a 62 degree curve and is down to 24. My husband is feeling frustrated and wants to stop the casting. I say we should keep going. The other concern is that my daughter only weighs about 25 pounds, so we are concerned. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks> > 's mom>

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