Sesame is used in villages for auspicious occasions, rituals, religious sacrifices and marriage ceremonies due to it’s religious and mythological importance. It is included in the rituals of gods and in the death ceremonies of ancestors, and is supposed to protect from bad spirits and devils.

This is the main reason that, even today, sesame laddu’s (sweets) are prepared in villages on the auspicious day of Makara Sankranti (Winter Solstice, celebrated as a Hindu festival). On one hand this gives mental peace and on the other hand it grants a long and healthy life.


Kinds of Sesame

Apart from its religious significance, sesame is used as a medicine. In Ayurveda, it is considered to be an extremely beneficial and strong medicine. It is a rainy season crop, and is mainly of three kinds: 1. black sesame 2. white sesame 3. red sesame.

Black sesame contains the best qualities with respect to nutrition. White sesame possesses medium qualities and red sesame has no qualities at all.

The most important specialty of sesame is that is contains four rasas (flavors), hot, bitter, sweet and pungent.

Qualities of Sesame

Sesame is bitter in preparation, heavy for digestion, tasty, oily, hot, destroyer of phlegm – bile, provides strength and is beneficial for hair. Its lep (pack) is cold. It cures many diseases, dental and wind related problems, increases milk, fire and intelligence and decreases excess urination.


Sesame in the Form of Sweets

Sesame is hot in nature and is therefore used for preparing sweets in winter season. Different types of sweets like gajak, laddu, revadi, etc. are made of sesame during the winter and protect us from cold. The chances of catching cold reduce if we eat these sweets. Sesame laddu’s are beneficial for those children who normally have the problem of bed-wetting in winters. Children having this problem should be given one sesame laddu each in the morning and evening. The bed wetting problem and the urge to urinate at small intervals also gets cured.

Sesame is not just an eatable item, in Ayurveda it is considered to be a great medicine. Regular consumption of sesame protects from many diseases and general physical weakness. The patient develops a good and effective resistance power when compared to normal persons. In other words, the patients develop the capacity to fight against disease.

Medicinal Use of Sesame

Dental problem: Sesame is extremely beneficial in case of loose teeth or the person is suffering from pyorrhoea and toothache. In such case, let the sesame oil remain in the mouth for 10 – 15 minutes and do gargles. This relieves toothache. Another instant remedy to cure toothache is to do gargles with hot sesame oil mixed with asa fetida and black cumin seeds.

Treatment of Bleeding Dysentery with Sesame:

Sesame is very beneficial for bleeding dysentery. Grind 20 gm of sesame and add 30 ml of goat’s milk, this medicine gives relief in case of bleeding dysentery. Grind few sesame seeds and mix it with jaggery powder, let the child suffering with this problem lick it with honey, the child will get immediate relief. Grinded sesame mixed with butter also cures this problem.

Treatment of Burns with Sesame:

If any part of the body has burnt and the person suffers from extreme pain and burning sensation, then apply the lep (pack) of sesame, camphor and ghee on the affected area. This reduces the pain and burning sensation. Grind sesame with milk and apply the lep (pack) on the affected part, this will slowly reduce the burning sensation and the pain.


Treatment of Impotency with Sesame:

Consumption of sesame gives lot of strength and therefore it removes impotency. Boil 15 gm of sesame in 10 gm of Gokharu (briar) milk, this medicine taken regularly stops the secretion of vital humors of the body, reduces impotency and weakness. Regular consumption of this medicine for one month definitely cures the impotency.

Treatment of Menstrual Cycle with Sesame:

Consumption of Sesame can be very beneficial in case of severe pain during menstrual cycle or mild menstruation. Cook one tola (around 12 gm) sesame in 20 tolas (240 gm) of water and let it reduce to one-fourth of the quantity, remove it from flame and let it cool. Add jaggery in this syrup and consume it regularly every morning, this will cure the problem of mild or irregular menstruation. Add shakkar (jaggery powder) in sesame and barley powder and give this to a women who has delivered a baby, her bleeding will stop.