I was a border-line case for Type-2 Diabetes since 1995. The doctor prescribed a medicine and suggested a few dietary changes. All was well till 2002 when I started feeling giddy in the mornings. I could not climb even up to the second floor without discomfort and heavy breathing!

I was told by a physician that my blood pressure was 180 / 110! He asked me how I had come to him. When I told that I had walked a mile, he almost expressed shock and gave me a tablet to be taken immediately. He asked me to lie down for some time in the clinic itself and then go. I thought that the single tablet would be sufficient and expressed so, upon which the doctor told me that the tablet would be my life-long friend now onward!


One of my friends, upon coming to know about my new diagnosis, suggested I go and check in with a nature cure hospital. Very reluctantly, I made an appointment with the nature cure doctor and got admitted for a month’s treatment. After examining my reports and further tests of blood pressure and sugar levels, he asked me to scrupulously follow the hospital’s strict regimen.

This included a glass of ragi mixed with dilute buttermilk as breakfast, a roti along with plenty of salt-free vegetable mix gravy (no masalas!) as lunch, a cup of sugarless tea in the afternoon and a roti along with dilute dal (salt-free) mixed with spinach as dinner. At times, lemon / lime juice was offered in the morning as also rice was given instead of roti once in 3 – 4 days.

The vegetables used were mostly combinations of bottle gourd, pumpkin, 3 – 4 small pieces of potato and carrot, gherkins, eggplant, okra and tomato. I was told the vegetables, mainly, tomato had a good amount of salt and so, it was a must to compensate for the salt-free diet.

Apart from the diet, the daily routine comprised yoga for an hour, massages, fine mud application on the body, walking etc.

Believe it or not, when the hospital took my blood sample after four days and tested, my blood sugar was under control. My blood pressure (BP) was 110 / 80! Suspecting something fishy, I sneaked out without anyone noticing and got my BP checked outside at the nearest clinic. OMG, it was indeed 110 / 80! I could not believe it.


Later, it became a habit for me to follow the same regimen every day. After much study on the subject and discussions with elderly village people, I was told that there are several ways to deal with BP and BS. For some, freshly prepared juice with one full lemon / lime and glassful of water (no salt or sugar, please) early in the morning may work wonders while for some, a vertically cut okra soaked in a glass of water (overnight) and drinking the gummy juice early in the morning is advised. As a routine I follow the lemon / lime juice method after drinking about three-fourth of a liter water in the morning and then go for a 2 km walk.

As a caution, it is suggested to always, be under the regular observation of your family doctor so that you maintain your all-round health and if necessary he will prescribe the minimum dosage of tablets. Take care to get BP, blood sugar and Sodium / Potassium levels checked at least once a month.

Remember, our health depends on what we eat, what we breath and what we drink!

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